Hand dryers with 110-120V capabilities

There are countries around the World which require a hand dryer to have a voltage set at 110-120V.  These include hand dryers in Canada and hand dryers in USA.  The hand dryers below have universal voltage, so can be set to the right level for these countries.

ffuuss™ hand dryers are available to purchase in a 110-120V model and available for quick delivery in USA.  Please ask us for more information.

**Please note that although a universal voltage hand dryer may comply with the voltage needs of a country, you still need to check that the correct safety certificate relevant to that particular country is issued to the specific universal voltage hand dryer.  For example, in the USA hand dryers require differing safety certificates to what is acceptable in Europe. Therefore, the voltage may be correct, but the certificate not. Please contact us for more information before purchasing anything if you are unsure**

For more information on which countries and locations these may be required, click here

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From £450.00 £439.99

  • Dry time (manufacturer stated): 12 Seconds
  • Cost per 1000 dries: 32p - 38p (97.4 - 98% saving against paper towels)
  • Guarantee: 5 Years
  • Finish
    Polished Chrome
    Brushed Satin

From £495.00

  • Dimensions: 274 (H) x 219 (W) x 98 (D) mm
  • Running as low as 200 watts rated power
  • Long lifespan of 10,000 drying hours
  • Finish

From £500.00

  • Dimensions: 274 (D) x 319 (W) x 98 (D) mm
  • Universal voltage: 110V–240V, 0.8–1.9 AMP, 50/60 Hz, 202–213 Watts
  • Energy consumption of only 200 watts
  • Finish
    Brushed Satin