Low Noise Hand Dryers

Hand dryer manufacturers measure sound levels in terms of decibels dB(A) at a distance of 1 metre, in a sound proof chamber. This does not take into account the increase in noise when hands are positioned under/in the dryer or when the sound bounces off walls. Where possible, we supply manufacturer's stated dB(A), and 2 independent tests which are more reflective of 'real world conditions'. 

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From £1,025.00

  • Rated power: 1,100 watts
  • Cost saving and energy efficient preheat system
  • Coloured LED lights that create a relaxed environment
  • Finish
    Cobalt Blue (Cobalt Blue Front & Back Panel / Light Grey Central Panel)
    White (White Front & Back Panel / Light Grey Central Panel)
    Matte Cyan (Matte Cyan Front & Back Panel / Dark Grey Central Panel)
    Gold (24kt Gold Plated Front & Back Panel / Black Central Panel)