Rental Hand Dryers

Here are a few examples of our hand dryers for rent.  You can rent any hand dryer in our range.  Please contact us for rental prices specific to your chosen product and requirements

Renting Hand Dryers is an excellent way of keeping the capital purchase off your companies balance sheet and spreading the cost of purchase. Renting Hand Dryers also ensures the necessary back up service is in place in the unlikely event that the dryer experiences problems.

We supply installation and rental throughout the UK on 3 or 5 year contracts. Shorter term can be arranged on request. call us on 0114 3540047 or click here to use the contact us page

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From £181.25

  • Low energy consumption - 2.9 watts per dry without heat, only costing around 35p per 1000 dries.
  • Compact and stylish hand dryer - will complement all washroom décor
  • High speed concentrated airflow - remains quiet at 70-75 dB(A) - Quiet Mark approved

From £255.00

  • Astonishing motor life - 2.7 million cycles 10-20 times other leading hand dryer brands
  • Reduced noise dryer - 70dB(A) in use in normal conditions
  • Energy efficient - rated power of just 1kW; equating to 6.11W per dry costing around 73p per 1000 dries.

From £295.05

  • Super-fast dry times – hands completely dry in around 12 seconds (proven by in house testing)
  • Peace of mind guarantee – a very impressive 5 years
  • Extremely energy efficient - uses between 2.3 watts without heat and 5 per dry at full speed with heat,costing around 30 to 64p per 1000 dries.

From £470.00

  • 35% quieter than the original - achieving the Quiet Mark accreditation
  • Energy efficient with a rated power 1kW; equating to 3.33W per dry costing around 40p per 1000 dries.
  • Powerful and effective hand dryer with a dry time of 12 seconds (manufacturer stated)

From £689.00

  • The fastest hand dryer on the market - consistent 10-15 second dry times. Independently verified
  • Low energy consumption - 4-6 watts per dry at a cost of 48p to 72p for 1000 dries
  • Long life brushless motor - capable of withstanding extreme use