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American Dryer products have been discontinued outside the USPlease contact us to receive our advice on the closest match specification.

American Dryer has manufactured hand dryers in the USA since 1952. Since 2003 they have become leading innovators in the market place and now export to over 30 different countries. Firstly, American dryer launched their greenspec-listed eXtremeAir dryers, the first dryers to feature adjustable speed and sound motors to enable one dryer to be adapted to the needs of the environment. Secondly, they introduced a eco model of the eXtremeAir, which uses under 1.8 watts per dry, quiet possibly the most energy efficient dryer on the market today. Thirdly, American Dryer incorporated cold plasma technology into their eXtremeAir. We are pleased to be the leading UK online supplier of American hand dryer products. With an average lifespan of 12 years, American Dryer products combine industry leading energy efficency, build quality and performance.

American Dryer

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