Would you believe this? Welcome to the team Shahed, Alex and Greg

The team is growing at Intelligent Facility Solutions! We welcome Shahed, Alex and Greg to our ranks.  Here they are giving a little introduction about themselves.

There’s also a couple of facts they give, but which one is the truth and which one is an outright lie?

Let us know in the comments below what you think.

Shahed Ezaydi

Research and Content Executive

"Hello, my name is Shahed Ezaydi. I am the new Research and Content Executive. So, all the new website content and blog posts that you might see in the near future might be by me.

I think it's very important to work for an environmentally conscious company as we now live in a world that is very much about that, well it's everywhere so it's important that businesses are doing something about it.

Two facts about myself, one true one false, I was once in a Girls Aloud tribute band at school and I once got trapped in a lift for 6 hours!"

Alex Gaywood

Graduate Customer Development Executive

"My name's Alex Gaywood and I'm the new Graduate Customer Development Executive. Essentially my job role is to build relationships with our current and new customers and then offer ongoing support wherever needed.

It's great to work for a company that's so big on environmentalism, especially with this new push with our climate change emergency.

I'm about to give two interesting things about myself, one is going to be true and one is going to be a lie and it's up to you to deduce which one is which. First of all, I was in two of McFly's music videos and number two I played a sport for England!"

Greg Dunn

New Business Development Executive

"Hi I'm Greg Dunn, I'm the New Business Development Executive. I'll be looking to build long term relationships with multi-site businesses working with them to discover how we can best meet their needs by reducing environmental impact and also running costs.

I think people are quickly realising that being environmentally conscious is not just a hobby for the few but a necessity for all and it's really exciting to be working for a company who’s looking to be at the forefront of sustainability.

My two facts, one true one false. I am Jimmy Carr's cousin and also I cycled from London to the Mediterranean in 7 days!"

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