Who manufactures their hand dryers in the UK?

There are a number of hand dryer brands that come from the UK, however sadly they are no longer manufactured here. Airdri are a long standing UK manufacturer who produced hand dryers in Oxford until the last few years, however they have now moved their production to a partner in Guangzhou, China, the company still maintains that the designs are British and the quality control is overseen by British employees. Their UK made hand dryers were well known for their durability and reliability so time will tell as to whether these standards have been maintained.

Dyson are of course one of the best known British companies and they have maintained a large base of UK employee, however they are on the design side. Manufacturing of their vacuum products including hand dryers was moved to Malaysia in 2002.

Ventaxia still produce a small number of older hand dryer models in house but largely have exclusive arrangements with asia suppliers.

Savortex claim to manufacturer in the UK, we have not investigated this in any detail to see whether they produce or assemble.

Warner Howard used to make some hand dryers here in the UK and through their acquisition by PHS, also took over the Airstream brand which we believe are now made overseas. There famous world dryer products are made in China via the USA.

Handydryers style themselves as a manufacturer, however they are simply an importer of mass produced Asian hand dryers under their own brand.

Dudley Industries assemble some hand dryers in the UK, however do ship in the components.

There remain several European manufacturer’s mainly in Spain and Italy and a few US producers but other than that almost all hand dryers you find now are produced in Asia. Intelligent Hand dryers UK pride ourselves on bringing the best and exclusive US, Asian and European models to the UK market. To find out more about our exclusive products, please contact us on 0114 3540047 or click here

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