Which Hand Dryer? Warner Howard Airforce or Ecoforce?


The Warner Howard Airforce is a very reliable hand dryer and a popular choice throughout the UK with installations in a vast number of public toilets and pubs.  The Warner Howard brand is very well established.  The Ecoforce certainly looks similar in shape and stature to the Airforce, with comparable dry times to boot.  Which hand dryer would match your needs the most? Read on to find out.

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 Warner Howard Airforce  Ecoforce Hand Dryer  
21 Seconds Dry Time (in house tested – see video)
21 Seconds at both settings 
1100WRated Power
500W – 1250W (can turn the heater element on or off) 
 7.88W Energy Per Dry 2.92W – 7.29W (can turn the heater element on or off) 
79dB Noise Level72dB (Has achieved the Quiet Mark for low noise output
Brushed Motor Type of MotorBrushed Motor 
800 Motor Life Hours  550
 Up to 300Suitable Daily Uses  Up to 100
95p  Cost Per 1000 Dries 35p – 88p (can turn the heater element on or off) 
Has Anti-tamper screws to avoid easy cover removal Vandal ResistanceSolid ABS cover thicker than 1.5mm
3 year on site guaranteeSmall and lightweight 3.2Kg – easy to install and site in any washroomW230mm x H270mm x D156mmThe cover is made from Die-cast aluminium with SteriTouch anti-bacterial surface finishIP24 Other Key Features2 year guaranteeSmall and lightweight 4.5Kg – easy to install and site in any washroomW210 x H270 x D182Built-in ioniser to freshen the airIPX1
 White £319 / Brushed £365 / Chrome £361.99 / Black £351.99 correct at time and date of post Price OnlineWhite £173.75 / Chrome £181.25 correct at time and date of post

The table above shows the similarities and differences between the 2 models, with the key components being the EcoForce’s lower energy consumption for the same performance and the Airforce’s ability to cope with a higher daily usage, should this be required.  The EcoForce is quieter when in use yet the Airforce comes with a 3-year onsite guarantee, hence the larger price tag.  However, in low traffic washrooms (up to 100 uses a day) the Ecoforce certainly brings outstanding value for money and will give years of reliable service.

The Ecoforce Hand Dryer

More videos, including specification data and dry time testing, can be viewed on the Ecoforce product page here

The Warner Howard Airforce Dry Time Testing

This video shows the stringent testing we perform on the hand dryers in our range to give accurate dry time information.

Cost to Run Comparisons

Based on the following scenario:

  • Existing solution: Paper towels
  • Type of location: Office
  • Number of staff: 45
  • Number of dryers required: 2
Warner Howard AirforceEcoforce (with the heat turned on)
Annual Paper Towel Cost£460.69£460.69
Annual Savings Vs Paper Towels£426.90£414.62
Annual Running Costs£33.78£46.07
Payback ROI1.3 Years0.7 Years

The table shows values for the Ecoforce with the heat setting on to compare at the highest wattage between the 2 hand dryers.  Even with a heater element running on the Ecoforce, the running costs are comparable. These savings will be considerably more and running costs less for the Ecoforce when it is set without the heater element engaged, which doesn’t affect the dry time in any way (see the test video on its product page).  What you get with the heater element switched on is instant comfort on the hands for the user in colder environments.  Yet this model comes with the opportunity to really save energy and money by removing the heater element and run just like the Airforce, at half the rated power.

To view the costs associated with each hand dryer based on your own location and number of uses please click on the links below:

Airforce Cost Calculator Click Here

Ecoforce Cost Calculator Click Here

Final thoughts

You will see from above that like for like, both hand dryers compare well in the market.  If you are placing hand dryers in a location that will receive no more than 100 uses a day, then the Ecoforce is more than equipped to give years of service and perform just as well as the Airforce at a budget price of approx.  £145-£180 less than the Airforce models.  The Airforce is better suited for locations that will receive higher footfall than this as it has a higher anticipated motor life. With a higher IP rating the Airforce may be more suited to locations that need to comply with certain building regulations such as when the hand dryer is to be placed closer than 60cm to a tap or when the protection from other objects is required.  Other than this the Ecoforce meets all IP rating compliance needed in a standard washroom installation.

The Ecoforce has been awarded the Quiet Mark. This means it is one of the quietest on the market, in its category.  So, if the need for a low noise level hand dryer is one of your main criteria then the Ecoforce is better suited as the Airforce is certainly not the quietest hand dryer on the market.

As with most modern high speed, energy efficient hand dryers the Airforce doesn’t have a heater element, as this is when costs increase and energy is wasted.  However, people like to feel instant heat on the hands, especially in the winter months for comfort and it also can give the perception of a faster dry.  The Ecoforce has an internal switch where not only can you reduce the rated power to half that of the Airforce by switching off the heat, you can decide to switch it back on for occasions such as winter months for user comfort

The Warner Howard Airforce is well established in the hand dryer market due to its build quality and reputation. However, if you are looking for a stylish compact dryer that performs like this but is being installed in a relatively low traffic area, then then the Ecoforce hand dryer is a great budget option with added features.


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