Which Hand Dryer? Dyson V Airblade HU02 or World Dryer VERDEdri?


The Slimline hand dryer is fast becoming a sought after feature in the UK, as it is a very useful component in washrooms with limited space.  Two heavy weights in the hand dryer world, Dyson and World Dryer, have a product on the market that meets these regulations.  You would also expect each one to pack a real punch in other hand dryer stakes such as fast dry times, energy efficiency, longevity and build quality.  So, which one would meet your needs?  Read on to find out more.

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All prices quoted in this blog are EX VAT

Dyson Airblade V HU02  World Dryer VERDEdri  
12 Seconds Dry Time(Manufacturer Stated)12 Seconds
1000WRated Power
800W – 950W (high and low speed settings)
3.33W (based on manufacturer stated dry time) Energy Per Dry 3.96W (based on manufacturer stated dry time)
79dB (Quiet Mark Approved) Noise Level77dB
Digital V4 Brushless Motor
 Type of MotorBrushed Motor
1500Motor Life Hours 3200
500+Suitable Daily Uses 500+
40p (based on manufacturer stated dry time) Cost Per 1000 Dries 38p (based on manufacturer stated dry time)
Compact Size
with no areas for blockage potential.
Anti-tamper 4mm Pin-Hex screw
and thick Polycarbonate casing
 Vandal ResistanceCompact Size. Fitted to the wall using a solid back plate and anti-tamper screws. Thick die-cast aluminium stainless steel cover
5 year on site guaranteeSmall and lightweight 2.9Kg – easy to install and site in any washroomW234mm x H394mm x D100mmHEPA filtered airflow as well as an antimicrobial coatingIP24 Other Key Features5 year guarantee2 speed settingsW295mm x H339mm x D100mm.Incorporates HEPA filtration and SteriTouch antimicrobial technologyIP24
 White £489 / Nickel £520 correct at time and date of post Price OnlineWhite £425 / Black £425 / Brushed Satin £455 / Polished Chrome £455 correct at time and date of post

The table above shows the similarities and differences between the 2 models.  Both can be classed as energy efficient and will certainly provide a quick dry time.  We know from our experience that the HU02 will more than match its stated dry time with the vigorous testing that Dyson will have put it through in their own research labs.  We have yet to test the VERDEdri for its actual dry time, however the customer perception from users is that it is as fast as the HU02.

Both motors can take extreme daily use, and have a very robust construction with an IP that goes above and beyond that required for a standard hand dryer installation.  For more information on IP ratings of hand dryers click here

Although the rated power is equally low in both hand dryers, the VERDEdri manages to do this with a heater element included.  This will provide instant heat on the hands which is ideal in locations that will not receive constant use.  The HU02 will use heat generated by the motor to add comfort to the hands, which is more reliant on constant use.  However, it should be noted that in both scenarios, the heat is used purely for comfort and has no impact on the dry time.

The VERDEdri has brushes that will need replacing and although on paper has an extended motor life compared to the Dyson V, the construction of the V4 brushless motor possibly makes the HU02 a better choice if compared like for like.

The Dyson Airblade V HU02

This video explains how the Dyson Airblade V utilises its shape to maximise drying time.

The World Dryer VERDEdri Hand Dryer

This video introduces you to the benefits of the World Dryer VERDEdri hand dryer 

Cost to Run Comparisons

Based on the following scenario:

  • Existing solution: Paper towels
  • Type of location: Office
  • Number of staff: 500
  • Number of dryers required: 10
Dyson V Airblade HU02World Dryer VERDEdri (at full speed)
Annual Paper Towel Cost£5118.75£5118.75
Annual Savings Vs Paper Towels£4884.75£4896.45
Annual Running Costs£234£222.30
Payback ROI 1.1 Years 0.9 Years

To view the costs associated with each hand dryer based on your own location and number of uses please click on the links below:

Dyson V Airblade HU02 Cost Calculator Click Here
World Dryer VERDEdri Cost Calculator Click Here

Final Thoughts

Both the HU02 and VERDEdri compare very well against each other and certainly have similar features.  They are both manufactured by world renowned companies known for quality.  Each has its own HEPA filter design and antibacterial coatings for added hygienic properties and both only protrude off the wall by just 100mm, which is becoming a popular characteristic with the need for Slimline hand dryers.  With a lower cost price tag, the VERDEdri may prove to be a more value driven proposition when comparing the 2 hand dryers.

The VERDEdri has the more traditional air outlet which users are familiar with and the Dyson V can take a little bit of time for users to fathom how to use.  However, it is very effective at drying the hands once this is mastered, scraping moisture off each hand separately.  The VERDEdri also utilises a heater element, without detriment to the rated power, which gives users that instant heat on the hands.

The HU02 has a first phase installation capability which we are finding is proving popular with the construction industry.  The back plate can be installed by the electrician at any time without the need for the whole hand dryer to be there when other work is being carried out such as plastering or tiling.  Usually the last thing to get installed to finish the washroom decoration, it can now be planned into the any part of the renovations.

The HU02 is surprisingly quiet for a high speed, fast drying hand dryer and has been awarded the Quiet Mark, a recognition that it is one of the quietest hand dryers in its class.  We can definitely notice a reduced and smoother sound level than that of its predecessor, the now discontinued AB08, and it is 35% quieter than this model.  More information about how Dyson have achieved this can be viewed here

As you will have seen, the Dyson V Airblade and World Dryer VERDEdri do match each other somewhat in their specifications so, when comparing the 2 you would need to match the individual differences to your own specific requirements to see which is the most suited for you.


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