What's new this month in the Intelligent Facility Solutions product range?

Below is a selection of our new hand dryer and washroom accessories.  Some great products on offer as always. Products included are hand dryers, soap dispensers, baby changing tables, shower seats and waste bins

Hand Dryers

ffuuss hand dryers 

ffuuss hand dryers really are remarkable.  Each one has been designed to help the user experience a sensual, pleasurable massaging effect on the hands and feel the peaceful, mood lifting ambience from the Chromotherapy technology.  These high speed, energy efficient hand dryers are also totally customisable.  You can choose ANY colour from the RAL and Pantone palette, as well as add your own logos.  There is even an option to have them in real gold! Click here to view 

Turboforce® Junior MKII Hand Dryer 

The Turboforce® Junior MKII Hand Dryer is available in a white or brushed satin stainless-steel finish.  This low-priced hand dryer will leave many a user satisfied with its drying performance.  It can run at just 500W, making it one of the cheapest to run hand dryers on the market.  Suitable for locations that will receive up to 100 uses a day, a bonus is that you can switch on a heater element.  Not necessary to improve the dry time, but does add instant comfort to the hands in low use washrooms that are prone to being cold. Click here to view 

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Soap Dispenser

Vivo 900ml Chrome Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser

A stainless steel, robust and refillable soap dispenser which includes a locking system to prevent unwanted tampering.  A fill level indicator is provided so the need to refill can be seen before the soap runs out.  An easy action push button delivers 2ml of soap per shot. Click here to view 

Prestige 400ml Behind Mirror Soap Dispenser (Satin)

A lockable and durable soap dispenser that is placed behind a mirror to save space. Lever operated it is suitable for medium traffic locations. Click here to view 

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Baby changing table

Babycare Medi Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station (White/Satin)

Suitable for the most contemporary of locations, this is an ideal choice for high use areas. Biocote® is included in the polypropylene contoured bed surface which brings added hygienic properties.  Solid 304 stainless steel outer casing and child safety belts bring added piece of mind to the robust and safe nature of this baby changing station. Click here to view 

Babycare Plus Folding Baby Changing Unit (White)

This low priced yet robust and safe unit comes complete with child safety belt. There are also compartments to store bed liners or nappy bags.  A solid high-density polyethylene construction allows up to a weight of 20Kg to be placed on the unit. Click here to view 

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Hair dryer

Valera Action Super Plus Hair Dryer with Shaver Socket (White)

Idea for low use areas such as hotel rooms, this hair dryer produces just 1.6kW rated power. It comes complete with speed and temperature settings to get the perfect dry and style every time. Click here to view 

Valera Hotel Hair Dryer with Shaver Socket (White)

Suitable to areas that may be prone to getting wet, this 1.2kW hair dryer balances performance with energy efficiency.  It has an automatic activation sensor, so the user just needs to pick up the handset to start the airflow. An 8-minute cut off time prevents misuse or lapses. Click here to view 

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Shower seat

Classic Wall-Mounted Foldable Shower Seat with Backrest (White)

Includes antibacterial protection as standard.  This solidly made shower seat comes equipped with a back rest to add comfort for the user when showering. Click here to view 

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Waste Bin

Platinum 14 Litre Open Waste Bin (Lacquered/Brushed)

Can be free standing or wall mounted and brings a touch of elegance to any washroom. The lacquered finish prevents finger marks that can become present on stainless steel materials. Click here to view 

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