What Challenges Do the Disabled Face When Accessing Shops?

Around 12 million people in the United Kingdom are disabled (19% of the population), however, town centres and, in particular, physical shops still have too many obstacles for people with disabilities. Online shopping has become their main alternative to make purchases, including groceries.

While online shopping is convenient, the recognition that disabled people need to have positive, real-world engagement to prevent isolation and depression, means that more needs to be done.

What to improve in physical stores

Disabled customers consider that brick-and-mortar stores have insufficient information on their websites about the access, non-accessible doorways (heavy or troublesome to open), floors with unavoidable steps, unreachable card machines and aisles not broad enough nor kept clear.

From the disabled person’s perspective, too often, staff are not sufficiently trained, not willing to help or just impolite. They noticed that workers should be trained to know the equipment that the company offers to help customers, take care of the facilities for disabled clients and be aware that some disabilities are not visually obvious.

There are some notable exceptions, including interesting mobility initiatives from the major supermarkets. One Sainsbury’s in near Newcastle upon Tyne offers “slow shopping” to the elderly and disabled people two hours a week, with attentive staff and chairs to rest. In its turn, an ASDA in Manchester created the “quiet hour“, during which escalators and music would not work, so autistic people and others could spend a more pleasant time. On the other hand, these and other stores now have shopping trolleys to carry disabled children and make the shopping time easier for their families.

Advantages of online shopping for disabled people

Despite this progress, going shopping without planning is still not practical for disabled and, even with preparation, a hassle-free experience is rare. That’s why they research directly on online shops and order the products to receive them at home. Disabled customers may be playing a significant role in the fact that UK is leading ecommerce in Europe.

In our e-store, we will be offering a large variety of commercial and domestic grab rails designed to cater for the specific and wide ranging needs of the disabled individuals. The webpages will offer easy to digest, but detailed and accurate information. Recommended locations, technical diagrams, installation guides, customer feedback and where to seek additional advice will all be accessible to ensure that the correct product is safely installed. We supply as well sensor taps and automatic soap dispensers, which are easy to operate.

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