What do Intelligent Hand Dryers do and why?

I had worked in and around the washroom and hygiene industry for many years and had good relationships with hand dryer manufacturers, both represented and not represented in the UK. I also had lots of ideas about how to improve on the models already available.

There was massive growth in hand dryers as they had become much more effective and the cost, energy and hassle savings over other options had become more widely understood, however a problem clearly existed.

The market was flooded with cheap imports and the established manufacturers were introducing more and more new models. It had become a really confusing market place with so much choice and meaningless information to most people about how the products performed.

Why are Intelligent Hand Dryers different?

As a company we decided we would clearly differentiate each product from another through thorough testing, and databasing real performance and characteristic information into a format that allowed the right dryer to be identified through an intelligent search system.

We added videos to back up the information and gained understanding of aspects like motor life, so we could determine lifespan in different areas. We also helped customers understand what their energy and cost reduction would look like in terms of a return on investment on different dryers and environmental impact.

In addition to bringing products alive in a digital sense we offer in-person demonstrations or samples to allow customers to experience what they are purchasing first hand before committing.

One place for everything you need

Another issue I identified in the market place was the inability to go to one place to get expert advice, purchase the product and have it installed and maintained. We now provide the full service and it can all be organised in a matter of minutes, you don’t need a site visit or someone to give you the big sell on a whole load of washroom products, just a concise chat about your requirements, clearly justified options and selection. Even if you don’t have an existing electrical supply we can now get it all organised for you.

If watching on a mobile device you may need to rotate your device for optimal viewing

You also have flexible payment options, allowing you to switch from paper towels to hand dryers without the upfront cost or maybe so you can capex the costs instead, whatever your reason we can help.

If you are in the trade or wholesale we have a discount structure to allow a partnership to blossom with us, we really value these relationships and are there to help as much as possible to allow customers to buy in the way they want to.

Not only have we adapted our service to the needs of the market we work closely with manufacturers to make sure we are carrying large amounts of stock.

We have also developed our own products and brands to fulfil needs that weren’t being catered for. This ensures the best ranges, the best service levels and the best prices.

Our competitors just drop ship without carrying stock or import only the lower end of the market which is not suitable for every type of install.

We are now at the forefront of innovation in the market place, introducing totally new concepts and industry leading technology and will evolve continuously to deliver the best possible customer experience.

For more information or for help in finding your ideal hand dryer or washroom product, please call us UK offices: North: 0114 3540047 South: 0203 3270448; Eire office: +353 19036387, use our contact us page by clicking here or click to visit the website.  You can also use our Intelligent Search Tool that helps you identify the perfect dryer for your location by clicking here.

In the trade? Don't forget we can set you up with a trade account for your purchases.

We have wholesaler, contractor, public sector and charity discounts available, please don't hesitate to ask or find out more information by clicking here.

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