What are the latest innovations in hand drying?


We recently attended the major industry event, the ISSA Interclean exhibition and were interested to see what the next innovation in hand drying would be. There were a number of things that caught our eye:

  1. Over the sink hand dryer taps
  2. Self-cleaning hand dryers
  3. Bamboo made paper products.
  4. A combination heat and paper towel unit
  5. IoT and advertising hand dryers

Over the sink soap, tap and hand dryer

The easiest way to explain this is for you to see it:

A fantastically practical solution to stop wet floors and increase the efficiency of a washroom. This would work particularly well, where a continuous wash basin was in place rather than individual sinks. We think the Dryflow system is the future for commercial washrooms. The Dryflow Dri-tap is available now.

Self-cleaning hand dryers

Not one from the show but a new addition to our exclusive Dryflow range is the Vapordri. Until now, ‘hands in’ blade hand dryers have either not had a drainage system for the excess water like the Dyson Airblade, required a water tank emptying regularly (most units) or had to be plumbed into the drainage system. The Dryflow Vapordri gradually vaporises excess water in tiny volumes out of the unit. Essentially there is a steam cleaning effect which keeps the product internally sanitised and water free. It’s also one of the most attractive looking, blade units we have ever supplied.

Bamboo paper towels and tissue

Although we appear to be a hand dryer specialist, our business is defined as providing environmentally friendly, hygienic and cost-effective hand drying solutions. Bamboo would appear to be a positive step and offer some hope against deforestation as it grows so quickly and can be cultivated almost anywhere. We must first analyse the data relating to the associated carbon footprint of production. If the data supports the green arguments for Bamboo, it is a really interesting development and something we will consider adding into our range for specific locations where electric hand dryers are not appropriate.

On the surface, Bamboo would appear to offer excellent potential in toilet tissue as there isn’t really an alternative, consumable free solution in this area. However, despite the source of Bamboo being far more sustainable, it will still require constant energy to process, treat, distribute, package, store, transport and repeat this cycle and therefore will remain far behind hand dryers as the most environmentally conscious option. It will also suffer from high costs, waste creation and placing unnecessary workload on the buildings FM team.

A combination paper towel and tap unit

At first sight we thought this was a terrible idea, but in practice the Bobrick 3 in 1 is a brilliant recessed system and overcomes a fundamental problem for specifiers. The unique system only allows one paper towel to be pulled at a time. As you reach for the paper towel, a very quiet airflow surrounds the opposing side of the hands. The result is a very thorough and fast dry using only one towel. The dual drying effect reduces paper towel use by 66%, creates virtually zero noise and leaves no wet floors as any drips go straight into the waste bin below and are absorbed by the waste towels. Now specifiers can include a single product rather than two and be sure that there will be no come back.

IoT and advertising on hand dryers

This is nothing new and has tried and failed many times, however new developments in the remote functionality open up huge possibilities. These can be used to promote internal company messages as well be given away free to facilities with high traffic and funded through advertising revenues, a win-win all round. They also enable remote diagnostics and data gathering which is certainly the way washrooms are going.

We will shortly be distributing all of the technologies and innovation discussed after a period of assessment as we see great potential in each. We are also developing our own disruptive technologies. Exciting times!

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