Warner Howard Airforce or Turboforce? Which Hand Dryer?

The stylish Warner Howard Airforce can be seen around the UK in many locations due to the popularity of being installed by washroom service companies.  Its jets of air configuration massage the hands as they dry. Manufactured by the world-renowned World Dryer means quality is assured.  The Turboforce hand dryer is built to the same high standards, with exceptional dry times and vandal resistant properties.  These can be found in well known fast food chain restaurants, shopping centres, airports and prove popular in offices and factories as they really do get the job done and leave the user completely satisfied.  So, which one would you chose for your location?  Read on to help you make the decision.

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All prices quoted in this blog are EX VAT

 Warner Howard Airforce  Turboforce Hand Dryer 
21 Seconds Dry Time (in house tested – see video)
12 Seconds at max setting
1100WRated Power
350W – 1600W (can turn the heater element on or off and reduce the motor speed) 
 7.88Wh Energy Per Dry 2.33Wh – 5.33Wh (can turn the heater element on or off and reduce the motor speed) 
79dB Noise Level77dB
Brushed Motor Type of MotorBrushed Motor 
800 Motor Life Hours  3000
 Up to 300Suitable Daily Uses  300+
90p  Cost Per 1000 Dries 30p – 64p (can turn the heater element on or off and reduce the motor speed) 
Has Anti-tamper screws to avoid easy cover removal Vandal ResistanceSteel back plate and anti-vandal screws, A thick (1.5mm) steel cover
3 year on site guaranteeSmall and lightweight 3.2Kg – easy to install and site in any washroomW230mm x H270mm x D156mmThe cover is made from Die-cast aluminium with SteriTouch anti-bacterial surface finishIP24 Other Key Features5 year guaranteeNoise and energy levels customisable to your own requirements – the motor speed can be reduced and the heater element switched off.Compact unit, takes up very limited wall space – W201mm x H277mm x D175mm.Anti vandal screws, thick steel cover, solid back plate.Tax deductible – on the ETL listIP23
 White £319 / Brushed £361 / Chrome £359.95 / Black £351.99 correct at time and date of post Price OnlineWhite £282.55 / Polished Chrome £295.05 / Brushed Satin £295.05 correct at time and date of post

The table above shows the similarities and differences between the 2 models, with the key component being the Turboforce’s superiorly faster dry time and vandal resistance. The Airforce can comfortably withstand up to 300 daily uses with its motor life hours.  The Turboforce has over 3 times the motor life hours, therefore will be able to significantly withstand higher daily use. Motor life is dependent for both units on other components of the hand dryer being fully maintained over its life time

Although both are energy efficient hand dryers the fast dry times and ability to turn off the heater element means the Turboforce dry for dry would be the most energy efficient.  The Airforce, like most modern energy efficient hand dryers doesn’t have a heater element as the speed of the air flow is what really dry’s the hands.  The heater element in the Turboforce is there purely for comfort on the hands. In a busy location with no heater element engaged, the residual heat from the motor revolutions will more than adequately warm the airflow in both hand dryers and the Turboforce on full speed runs at just 700W rated power in this setting.

The Warner Howard Airforce Dry Time Testing

This video shows the stringent testing we perform on the hand dryers in our range to give accurate dry time information.

The Turboforce Hand Dryer

More videos, including specification data and dry time testing, can be viewed on the Turboforce product page here

Cost to Run Comparisons

Based on the following scenario:

  • Existing solution: Paper towels
  • Type of location: Office
  • Number of staff: 500
  • Number of dryers required: 10
Warner Howard AirforceTurboforce (with the heat turned on)
Annual Paper Towel Cost£5118.75£5118.75
Annual Savings Vs Paper Towels£4743.38£4744.35
Annual Running Costs£375.38£374.40
Payback ROI0.6 Years 0.5 Years

As stated in the table, the above figures are with the heater element switched on in the Turboforce.  This is to show the comparable costs associated even with the higher rated power.  With the heater element switched off the running costs would significantly reduce in the Turboforce, without any detriment to the dry time.  As said above, the heater element in a high speed hand dryer is there for comfort rather than the poorly effective water evaporation technique used in an energy hungry conventional hand dryer.

To view the costs associated with each hand dryer based on your own location and number of uses please click on the links below:

Airforce Cost Calculator Click Here
Turboforce Cost Calculator Click Here

Final Thoughts

The Turboforce hand dryer has a rated power higher than the Airforce if you are comparing like for like, however it can be fully adjusted to just 0.7kW and 0.35kW with the heater element disengaged and motor speed adjusted. The faster dry time of the Turboforce also means that the energy consumed per dry is considerably less. Both however can be classed as energy efficient hand dryers when compared to high energy consuming conventional hand dryers. The Turboforce is listed on the Energy Technology List  (ETL) which means businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) – a first year 100% accelerated capital allowance that delivers all available tax relief in 1 year. This is equivalent to 5.5 times the benefit of standard tax relief in the year of purchase.

Both the hand dryers would not be classed as quiet hand dryers, although the adjustability of the motor speed on the Turboforce does reduce the noise slightly. However, if you are looking to put these hand dryers into a location where the noise of the hand dryer may be a concern, then it may be a better option to choose one of the quieter hand dryers on the market.

The build quality on both the Airforce and the TurboForce hand dryer is very high however the steel backplate, anti-vandal screws and fixing, plus the heavy duty stainless steel case, give the TurboForce the edge. The Turboforce does give a peace of mind 5 year guarantee as opposed to the 3 year guarantee offered on the Airforce, although the Airforce guarantee does include on site cover. The Turboforce will be fully replaced within this period if a fault does occur and it cannot be rectified by replacing faulty parts

Both hand dryers take up a very small wall footprint, with the Airforce being slightly more curvaceous which makes it an attractive choice. The UV light that shines on the hands and the colour triangular colour change LED on the Turboforce is a popular feature that customers love.

The Airforce has the reassurance of a world leader in manufacture and onsite guarantee, but if you are looking for overall value for money, then the Turboforce would shade this aspect due to its excellent dry times, enhanced motor life and overall build quality.


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