At the Dawn of the Toilet Door Sign Revolution


Toilet signage has displayed until now what was normal and ideal. Also, what is an out of the ordinary category (like disability) or a socially invisible concept (intersex, transsexual). This fact inevitably had an influence on how children understood gender or their bodies, and such a prejudiced idea would repeat over and over after leaving school.

However, part of Western society is now becoming more aware of the need of inclusion for those with reduced mobility, like disabled citizens or the elderly. Although slowly and gradually, public opinion has also started to realise that gender identity is a cultural spectrum and that human anatomy is far from being binary and final.

More Inclusive Toilet Signs

To represent this variety and make every possible user comfortable, washroom facilities owners have begun to think differently and look for inclusive toilet signs. From premises that go back to unisex bathrooms (some probably unintentionally) to those that display diverse icons to make clear that anyone is welcome, even extra-terrestrials, as long as they wash their hands!

As the participants of the “Around The Toilet” study suggested, toilet door signs should describe the content of the restroom instead of indicating who is allowed to enter. For example, there could be new labels like cubicles with “toilets” and cubicles with “urinals”, or “smaller toilet” and “bigger toilet” (i.e. accessible).

Hitting the roof because of these changes would be incoherent. Customers at modest businesses or offices have been successfully using gender neutral toilets for decades without consequences. So, it feels about time today to fully address the toilet signage debate and even reconsider toilet segregation.

At IFS, we aim at providing an assorted range of commercial washroom fittings and appliances so that sanitary and healthcare facilities are adapted to visitors. We supply easy to operate soap dispensers and taps, as well as many types of bathroom grab rails (also Doc M packs) and hand dryers for accessible toilets. In order to make the best decision, we intend to give precise information about our products. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to reach us by chat, email or phone (0114 354 0047 in the UK, 19036387 in Ireland).

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