The Top Hand Dryers for Schools in 2023-24

We have selected the 10 best hand dryers for school environments from the latest 2023-24 models.
The list is based on consumer feedback and takes into account, value for money, vandal resistance, low running costs, speed of drying, life expectancy and noise levels.

Schools have different pupil numbers, age groups, washroom sizes, noise tolerances, sensory needs and budgets. So it is important to read through the article to ensure the recommended dryers fit your particular requirements.

The Top 10 Hand Dryers for Schools

Mitsubishi SMART
Wave u02

From £317.21 +VAT

Dryfow BulletDri

From £179.90 +VAT

Dryflow Elite Mark II

From £349.00 +VAT

Dryflow Turboforce Junior PLUS

From £139.00 +VAT

Mediclinics Machflow

From £309.00 +VAT

Dryflow Turboforce

From £282.90 +VAT

Dryflow Ecowave

From £179.90 +VAT

Bamboo Bobbi

From £249.00 +VAT

Dryflow Slimforce

From £99.90 +VAT

Savortex 550A

From £699.99 +VAT

Selecting the right-hand dryer for your school.

When it comes to creating a hygienic and efficient environment in schools, choosing the right-hand dryers is crucial. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential factors to consider when selecting hand dryers for schools.

Assess Your School’s Requirements:

All of the products on our website are divided into low-use (up to 100 uses per day), mid-use (101 to 300) and high-usage 300+.
To work out your schools usage use the method below.

For hand dryers that are not used so often, it is worth looking for a cheaper option. For high-traffic areas, it may be worth spending extra for longer lifespan and reliability.

It is worth noting that in most schools, even dryers in the lower price bracket should provide at least 5 years of drying. As a rule of thumb, 1 high-speed hand dryer per 3 basins should be enough.

Age Appropriate:

The Bamboo Bobbi dryer has been designed to engage younger children through to use of colourful imagery and interesting information.

Older children can tolerate higher noise levels, and features like blue lights shining on the hands when dryers are activated can help ensure children use them.

Focus on Hygiene:

Maintaining high levels of hygiene is a top priority in schools. Look for hand dryers that incorporate features designed to minimise the spread of germs. Some models even include antimicrobial coatings or HEPA filters to further enhance hygiene standards. All dryers on the list are touch-free and HEPA filter

Consider Noise Levels:

In a busy school environment, excessive noise can be disruptive and potentially affect concentration. Choose hand dryers that have noise-reduction features to ensure a quieter experience. Look for models with adjustable airflow and insulated motor housings, as these tend to be quieter while maintaining efficient drying.

If your school caters for children with additional sensory needs, we would be happy to provide free samples for you to test in advance of making a larger purchase.

Only 2 dryers on the list are only appropriate for children over 10, these are the Turboforce and Slimforce, these are on the louder side and are very fast, making them suitable for busy Secondary Schools and Universities.

Cost implications:

Hand Dryers are the logical choice for educational facilities as the huge cost savings vs paper towels allow scarce funds to be diverted to valuable educational resources. They prevent sinks, urinals and toilets from blocking with paper towels and save caretaker and cleaning staff loads of time restocking dispensers, cleaning mess off the floor and emptying overflowing bins.

Savings vs paper towels run into £1000’s of pounds in schools and typically represent a saving of as much as 95%, such is their energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency:

Sustainability is a growing concern for schools. Select hand dryers that prioritise energy efficiency, as they not only reduce operating costs but also contribute to a greener environment. Look for models with low power consumption, quick drying times, and features like intelligent heating that optimise energy usage

Durability and Maintenance:

Schools require hand dryers that can withstand heavy usage and require minimal maintenance. Look for robust models made from durable materials such as stainless steel. Consider features like vandal-resistant casings, anti-tamper screws, and easy-to-clean surfaces, which can help ensure the longevity of the hand dryers and minimize downtime

Accessibility Features:

To accommodate users with disabilities or special needs, consider hand dryers that offer accessibility features. Look for models with low mounting heights, large and clearly visible activation buttons, and compliance with accessibility regulations, such as ADA guidelines. By selecting inclusive hand dryers, you create a welcoming environment for everyone in your school

Cost Analysis:

While upfront costs are important, it’s essential to consider the long-term financial implications of your hand dryer selection. Evaluate factors such as the expected lifespan of the hand dryer, warranty and support options, and potential energy and maintenance savings. A comprehensive cost analysis will help you make an informed decision that balances quality, performance, and affordability


Selecting the right hand dryers for your school requires careful consideration of various factors, including hygiene, noise levels, energy efficiency, durability, accessibility, and cost. By taking the time to assess your school’s requirements and prioritize these key elements, you can create a clean, sustainable, and user-friendly environment for students, staff, and visitors. Remember, making an informed decision now will yield long-term benefits for your school community

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Selecting the right-hand dryer for a University campus.

‘Universities are huge, complex estates with lots of different considerations’

Selecting by location.

Student bar – Needs to be robust and not too expensive due to misuse.
Recommendation = Machflow, Turboforce, Turboforce Junior PLUS, ViperBulletdri

Library – Needs to be quiet and hopefully high traffic!
Recommendation = Dryflow ViskaDryflow Elite, Mitsubishi SMART, Dryflow Classic Plus mark II

Main entrances – Need to be capable of handling large traffic volumes, ultra-low energy and super quick.
Recommendation = Mitsubishi SMART, Dyson V, Machflow PLUS Brushless. Bulletdri PLUS

Near Lecture and Concert Halls – Needs to quiet and handle frequent, sudden traffic.
Recommendation = Dryflow Viska, Mitsubishi SMART, Machflow (reduced noise setting)

low traffic teaching and administration areas – not too loud, lower cost units are satisfactory.
Recommendation = Machflow , Turboforce JuniorEcoforce, Slimforce

University buildings are a combination of old and new and the flow of washroom traffic and requirements of equipment can vary significantly.


A student bar, for example, will likely need a student-friendly heavy-duty dryer, probably nothing too expensive as it may well get a hilarious quip scrawled across it. Noise will be far less of an issue than if it was near lecture halls, or libraries where the sound level will be a primary concern. Other areas will vary from having hundreds of uses a day needing a dryer with a higher quality motor and longer lifespan to small back-water offices and teaching buildings that get just a few uses a day, where even the lowest cost dryers will give adequate performance and last for a very long time

Want to avoid wet floors on your school or university bathroom?

The evapor8 wall guard stops water from spraying on the wall and dripping down on the floor, creating a safer, more hygienic space with less need for constant floor cleaning.

Standardising hand dryers across campus:

Understandably, Estate and Facilities Managers want to standardise their hand dryer models as much as possible to make life easy for their maintenance team, however, the reality is often different as the stock of dryers across the campus varies depending on when the buildings were last refurbished. Often different contractors and architects were involved, and standardisation of equipment is an afterthought. The FM teams are left to deal with maintaining a huge array of different models

Estate Managers often ask – ‘How do we standardize hand dryer models and keep costs reasonable?’
Some universities are specifying £600-800 dryers across their campus, when a much lower cost, faster dryer will last a decade in low traffic areas!

Free site surveys:

Typically, when we conduct a free site survey at a university, there is no record of which models are installed where, this makes maintenance a bit of a headache! If a fault is logged, it will involve a trip across the site to ascertain the model of the faulty unit, then a trip back to the office to call a supplier for a spare part or replacement. All too often this golden opportunity to upgrade to a more suitable model is missed. While we certainly don’t agree with throwing away equipment if it can be salvaged, there is often a significant cost and environmental benefit to doing so, particularly as we take back all old machines and carefully refurbish or strip down and ensure zero to landfill.

Useful information for FM teams:

A site survey will provide a factual assessment of the energy use and condition of current hand dryers. This enables Estate professionals and Finance Teams to consider the cost-benefit and achievable energy savings. Our findings rarely recommend every model is changed, we often find expensive dryers have been installed in admin areas where the use is low, therefore the payback on an even more efficient model doesn’t warrant the investment or the disposal. On the contrary, we often find very energy-hungry, old-fashioned dryers in busy areas where making a change will have a clear benefit

\We provide the information and recommendations free, you make the decision if nothing else it will give you a good overview of the state of your equipment and helps your FM team.

Contact us for a full site survey

The Problem…

We have highlighted that there is a need to standardise but also that there are some areas of universities where an expensive hand dryer is justified and others where it simply doesn’t make sense.

The Solution

Machflow PLUS

The Machflow PLUS and Standard Edition!

  1. No need to mess around with ordering spare parts and fixing machines. We take care of everything
  2. Deal with faults in seconds
  3. Standardise the fitting and style but use long-life brushless versions in high traffic locations
  4. Adjustable speed and sound to adjust to different locations
  5. Highly energy-efficient
  6. Manufactured in Europe
  7. Zero landfill

The Machflow plug-in system is a dream for FM teams, once installed, any faults can be dealt with in seconds without touching any electrics, simply release and plug in the new dryer, then await collection of the faulty dryer by our dedicated repair team.

The standard Machflow is available at a very reasonable price and will suit 90% of university locations, without breaking the bank, while the Machflow PLUS with long-life brushless motor (1.8 – 2 million uses) will give years of service in even the highest 10% traffic locations and will still be affordable. It has an adjustable motor speed which can dramatically reduce the sound where it’s needed, while still delivering a great performance.

European made spares:

They are European made and highly reliable so a couple of spare units on a site with 200-300 dryers will be more than adequate. Alternatively, if a high-traffic location had an issue, a unit from elsewhere could easily be moved.

HEPA filters are supplied as standard.

Shop Machflow

We look to support your dryer for as long as possible, which we expect to be decades. All dryers have a cashback value at the end of life as we strip them down and pass any reusable parts through stringent quality control to rebuild new units. The remaining parts are dealt with absolute care and are sent to the most environmentally considered recycling location.


Our other big recommendation for standardising hand dryers in a university is the Mitsubishi SMART. We have worked with Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Newcastle, and countless other Universities to supply and install Mitsubishi SMARTS.

Quite simply, this is the most reliable machine on the market, it has a fantastic ability to dry quickly with minimum sound travel. It’s also highly energy-efficient, generating substantial energy savings

Contact us for a full site survey

“Building managers and end-users feedback has been positive with other potential areas for energy savings being suggested for further investigation.”

Adam Fjaerem – Building Energy Manager, University of Cambridge

If you would like a more general guide to the best hand dryers currently available, the link will take you to a comprehensive set of comparisons and individual product reviews. Alternatively for the most comprehensive range of recommended products, please visit our hand dryers for schools and universities section for prices and detailed product information.

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