Recessed Hand Dryers – Top 3 to Buy In 2022


A recessed hand dryer fits into a specifically created space in a wall so that it is almost flush with the surface, creating only a very slight projection. the advantages of such a product are:

Create additional space
Reduces cleaning and slip hazards
Reduces vandalism
Improves Aesthetics

We shall explore these benefits in more detail later in the article.

Top 3 Recessed Hand Dryers

  1. Bobrick Trimline B-3725

This is by far and away our favourite recessed design. The curved alcove eliminates folds in the metal and therefore reduces crevices that are hard to keep clean. It also has a ceramic plate that absorbs any drips, so both the floors and walls stay dry, improving safety and cleanliness. The dryer is incredibly long lasting and backed by a 10-year guarantee. The noise level and dry speed are also good if not spectacularly so.

2. Turboforce recessed hand dryer

A elegant design that incorporates one of our best-selling, high performance hand dryers, the Turboforce. If you are looking for a recessed option with an incredibly rapid, energy-efficient hand dryer built in, this is a great option.

3. Bobrick 3-in-1 recessed hand dryer

We do not usually recommend paper towels due to environmental impact, but we are aware that some architects like to include both options in specifications. It actually offers a really fast and clean drying solution as you reach for one towel, the dryer activates. The combination means the hands are thorough dry in seconds and only 1 towel is used, so the overall environmental impact is slightly lower than just using towels.

The need for recessed hand dryers

Creating space

People are getting bigger and washrooms are getting smaller, which means that maximising space in this location is a necessity. With only small projections extending from the wall cavity, some around 2cm, you are looking at significantly reducing the amount of the hand dryer that enters the washroom space.

Not only is this a positive for room space the hand dryer takes up, it also enhances safety in the washroom. A hand dryer that protrudes a long way from the wall in a tight washroom could be a hazard waiting to happen, with the potential of bumping into the machine. It has also been noted before that school children like to hang from a hand dryer in a school environment if they can get away with it!

Reduces cleaning and slipping hazards

This type of hand dryer is loved by health & safety and domestic teams. They come with their own wall protection. Usually for this type of protection of walls beneath a hands under dryer, you need to purchase a separate splashback plate. By placing the hands inside the cavity all the drying action occurs in there.

Rather than water ending up running down the walls or straight onto the floor, some models include a tray at the bottom of the recess to catch the water. A slipping hazard is minimised due to this.

In some locations you will also find that certain individuals like to use the top of the hand dryer as a shelf to leave rubbish. The recessed hand dryer removes the temptation of this.

Reduces vandalism

A protruding object in any room has an increased chance of being maliciously damaged. Punched, kicked or pulled off the wall, we have seen them all. Recessed hand dryers get left alone in this respect.

Improves aesthetics

A recessed hand dryer with its panelled finish, looks great in any washroom. Some literally look like just a sheet of steel section on the wall.

Accessories and further options

A number of other washroom equipment come in a recessed style. These include soap dispenserstoilet roll holderspaper towel dispenserscombination units and baby changing stations

It may also be interesting to note that there are a range of slimline hand dryers available as an option if you need something that is minimal depth, yet doesn’t need a cavity creating. 


You may also want to consider ‘over the sink’ or ‘tap’ hand dryers which can either be fitted behind a cabinet or have the appearance of a normal tap. These types of dryers are discussed in our ‘Best hand dryers on the market’ article

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