Review – Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim Hand Dryer Generation 9


The reliance of heat evaporation from conventional hand dryers in the early 90’s produced both poor performing and high energy using hand dryers.  In 1992, at the Nakatsugawa Works in Japan, a new compact DC brushless motor had been developed.  During the meetings to discuss its applications, the thought of this ill effective drying method came to mind and the engineers were tasked with using high powered jets of air to blow water off the hands using the new motor. 

As a result, in 1993 the Mitsubishi Jet Towel was officially released, making it the first high-speed, blade style hand dryer.  Now in its 9th generation this blog post reviews the latest model and its key features. We are the UK’s main distributor for the Jet Towel and always hold stock.

The dual nozzle 9th generation model comes in a slim, better styled outer casing that has been made stronger for greater impact resistance. 

The models available of the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim are:

  • Mitsubishi Jet Towel Unheated Hand Dryer JT-SB216KSN2-W-NE
  • Mitsubishi Jet Towel Heated Hand Dryer (white) JT-SB216JSH2-W-NE
  • Mitsubishi Jet Towel Heated Hand Dryer (silver) JT-SB216JSH2-S-NE
  • Mitsubishi Jet Towel Heated Hand Dryer (black) JT-SB216JSH2-H-NE

To view a 360-degree spin view of this hand dryer click here

Performance and reliability

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel comes with all the quality you would expect from a brand that is a household name. We have yet to have Jet Towel fail since we have been supplying these units over 4 years ago. Other popular brands on the market such as the Dyson AB14 will provide a quicker dry time, but with realistic dry times of around 15 seconds the user will not be left disappointed.  Mitsubishi do state that they have purposefully held off a little on the force of the airflow so that it is a more comfortable experience for the user rather than blowing the hands against the dryer walls.  Where the Jet Towel surpasses this other leading brand is the ability to be quieter in operation, much more energy efficient and it also comes with added features such as a drain tank that will be discussed later in this post.

There are sensors inside the drying area that have been purposefully placed to detect smaller hands.  This is ideal for use with children as the open sided design allows them to slide their hands in from the side and still be detected to activate the airflow.

The long lasting brushless DC motor is still capable of withstanding extreme use and we would recommend these would stand up to heavy use (over 300 daily uses) comfortably and give years of application if serviced correctly over the unit’s life. These have been tested under intense conditions, above and beyond what other manufacturers use to test their machines.  This really is a product made to last!

It is now much more impact resistant than previous years with the panels being tested to withstand an impact of 15J of force, which Mitsubishi state is equivalent to dropping a 1Kg steel ball from a height of approximately 1.5m! Great for high traffic public washrooms.

Energy efficiency

The Jet Towel is one of the most energy efficient hand dryers on the market.  It can run at just 550W rated power without the heater element engaged.  Even when this element is engaged, the rated power only goes up to a maximum of 1.24kW. It is on the governments Energy Technology List (ETL) which is a list of approved energy efficient products that can be used to claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance.  For more information about choosing hand dryers from the ETL list click here

Low noise levels

The previous versions of the Jet Towel have always been known to be quiet in operation, yet now a further 2db reduction has been achieved, partly due to an improvement in the New Wave Nozzle 2.0.  This has reduced the amount of turbulence form the airflow by creating a much more effortless movement of air through the nozzle.  It should be noted that the measurements of 56db – 59db are taken from a 2m distance when the unofficial industry standard is from 1m away from the nozzle.  That said it has been awarded the Quiet Mark which makes it one of the quietest hand dryers in its class.

Hygienic Features

It is certified by NSF International which means it is compliant to the requirements of NSF/ANSI 169.  NSF provide 3rd party public health standards and certifications that help protect food, water, consumer products and the environment.

All the plastics used in the Jet Towel (apart from JT-SB216JSH2-S-NE silver finish) have metal ions added into the resin that protects the surfaces of the hand dryer from the growth of bacteria found in water stagnant areas.

When cleaning the surfaces, alcohol with a concentration of less than 83% ethanol can be used due to the superior grade of plastic that is used.  Normal plastics crack when this is used.  This makes a thorough disinfecting of the hand dryer possible. The exception to this is the JT-SB216JSH2-S-NE silver finish.

The drain tank included in the Jet Towel is still available in the new version, which keeps floors dry and therefore keeping the area safe from slippages.  It can store up to 0.8L of water before it needs to be emptied.  The drain tank has a convenient side panel that can be removed should any blockages be present.  It also helps maintain cleanliness as all parts of the drain tank is accessible to be cleaned.  What is new in the 9th generation is that the drain tank is now the same colour as the rest of the unit, not only improving the overall appearance of the unit, but making it less obvious to protentional tampering opportunists.

The Jet Towel has a standard washable air filter included which catches particles in the air before they are taken into the machine and blown onto the hands.  There in now the possibility in this new generation to purchase a HEPA filter which fits easily just behind the water tank.  What is unique in the Mitsubishi HEPA filter is its maintenance and easy to change capabilities.  In other models, it can take a while to locate the HEPA filter should it need changing.  A great addition to this HEPA filter is that there is room on it to write the date of when it was installed, therefore there is no guess work of when it needs changing.  There is also a colour guide on the side of the filter which starts as green when it is first installed, but changes to white when it needs replacing.  A great tool for the maintenance department.  They come in a pack of 3 filters and this will last approximately 1 year depending upon the use and location.

In Summary

The brand name Mitsubishi Electric gives an assurance of quality.  Not just in the overall performance, but also in reliability.  The Jet Towel is a great performing hand dryer that has built up a reputation for exceptional build superiority, low energy consumption, low noise and high-tech engineering. Mitsubishi hand dryers have been located in airports, hotels, universities, museums, shopping centres, hospitals and office buildings around the world.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Codes

Over the years, the different generations of Jet Towel have had different codes.  Below is a list of these so that you can match them up to the right product should you have been given and old code to search for.  Please click on the link to locate the most recent version of the Jet Towel.


7th Generation

8th Generation 

9th Generation 


7th Generation 

8th Generation 

9th Generation


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