2022 Review – Dyson Airblade 9kJ Hand Dryer

Dyson’s latest hand dryer offering is the 9Kj, as ever Dyson have come up with a design like no other seen before. The 9kj reminds us of a submarine periscope and certainly is very interesting to look at. Dyson positions it as their most energy-efficient unit ever, but is it any good?

At this price, the 9kJ needs to be the ultimate dryer but we see too many downsides. Despite being the most energy efficient Dyson, there are more efficient hand dryers for much less money. There is no great innovation here as there has been with previous models. For us, it is about an interesting new form rather than anything that provides an additional benefit, unlike the Dyson Wash and Dry, which provides a solution to a problem (using the sink to make sure no water from drying goes on the floor). The 9kJ doesn’t solve any problems, it sprays walls and floors with water just as the Dyson V does and would be subject to vandalism in the wrong areas. It’s a design accessory, a very good hand dryer, but an expensive one.

£807.50 + VAT

At between £800 and £999 + VAT this is the most expensive ‘hands under’ hand dryer on the market. To be honest, we struggle to see the value, the performance is good but no better than the Dyson V which uses only marginally more energy and is £200-£300 cheaper. It is a similar price to the Dyson wash and dry system which is a sensor tap and dryer in one (a great idea and more able to justify the high cost). The Dyson 9kJ just strikes us as over-designed, we see it being popular for its looks rather than the benefits it brings. 

The Dyson 9Kj dries hands in 12 seconds. this is the same speed as the Dyson V but 2 seconds slower than the Dyson ab14. You won’t be disappointed. It does however have a similar splash pattern to the Dyson V shown in the video below, so you may require a wall guard of some sort. We recommend the evapor8 wall guard which absorbs and evaporates the water off quickly leaving dry floors

Evapor8 wall guard

The energy-efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power to produce a given dry speed

The Dyson 9kj has a rated power of between 0.65 – 0.9 kW and consumes between 2.17 – 2.50 W/h per dry. This is the stand out performance characteristic of the 9kj. 2307 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels, a 98% saving against paper towels.

Dyson state 79 DB(A) from 1 metre which is similar to the noise level in a bust restaurant. The sound quality is smooth and we found this a pleasant dryer to use.

This dryer clearly isn’t aimed at locations for children or drunk people as its design looks very appealing for people to try and hang off. It is made of very robust materials so will survive heavy accidental knocks, but it will need to be fixed very securely to walls in vandal prone areas due to the obvious pull points.

We don’t have the motor-life data for the 9kJ, however, Dyson always give a 5 year, 240,000 cycle guarantee and it is very rare they fail. The digital brushless motor will no doubt give years and years of service and I have found all previous models to be very reliable in the field.

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