Review 2022 – Dryflow® Jet Force Pro HEPA

The Jetforce Pro has been around for some time now, it was one of the early alternatives to the Dyson Airblade AB14. It was selected for the Olympic stadium in London 2012 and has been in a number of notable project installs over the years. The design is exactly the same today with the addition of a HEPA filter, so with so many new dryers coming onto the market every year, how does it stand up?

If you like ‘hands in’ blade-style dryers and have a mid to high traffic washroom where usage will be around 200-300 dries a day, this could be the dryer for you. The dry time is decent if not spectacular, it’s the quietest in class and has a decent motor life. It is very reasonably priced. As with all dryers of this style, we don’t think this dryer is great where vandalism is likely and we urge you to consider whether you need a dryer of this size given the additional carbon footprint vs a smaller compact dryer.

Overall, it’s a very good dryer with a great track record in the field, covered by an extensive guarantee.

From £355.00 + VAT

At just £350 + VAT this is well under half the price of a Dyson AB14 and £250 less than a Mitsubishi Jet Towel. Considering it has a long-life digital brushless motor that is maintenance-free (as opposed to a brushed motor that requires periodic servicing) and performs well in all areas, we think the Jetforce Pro represents great value.

The manufacturer states 10 seconds however our stringent testing showed it delivered a consistent 15-17 second dry time, this is quick enough to stop any user from losing interest before their hands are dry. To put this in perspective, it’s 5-7 seconds slower than the fastest dryer available but faster than the majority of ‘hands under’ dryers that claim to be high speed.

Calculating the energy efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power and the dry speed.

The Jetforce Pro has a rated power between 0.75kw unheated and 1.85kw heated. We are maybe a little generous with the scoring here, it is based on operating the dryer on the eco 0.75kw rated mode. The energy consumption per dry is between 3.54 and 8.74 Wh per dry. The lower score is really respectable for any modern eco dry, the higher score being at the upper range. To give some perspective. The Dyson Airblade AB14 uses 4.44 watts per dry, a traditional uses 20-30 watts per dry and the best available uses 1.9 watt/hours

The cost of drying 1000 pairs of hands with this dryer is 43p – £1.05, a 93 – 97.2% saving against paper towels.

The Jetforce Pro scores most highly for quiet noise levels. The manufacturer states 70 dB(A) and even in real-life use, we found it didn’t rise much above 75 dB(A) which is excellent.

It is one of only 2 ‘hands in’ blade hand dryers to be approved by ‘Quiet Mark’. If noise is of concern and the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim is a little too expensive for you, this is a great option.

We don’t tend to recommend this style of dryer for vandal-prone areas, there is too much to grab hold of and they are more of a target than compact dryers for idiots to try and abuse. It’s not as solid as the Dyson AB14 but about the same as other hand dryers of this style.

Digital brushless motors like the one used in the Jetforce Pro tend to last and our experience has been that the motors in this dryer last really well in the field. The manufacturer states a 2000-hour motor life, which based on a 15-second dry time would mean at least 480,000 uses. We expect it would actually last longer given how few motor defect claims we have seen inside the 5-year guarantee. Backed by a 5-year guarantee.

We estimate the embedded carbon in this hand dryer to be around 70kg/co2. At about 5000 uses (they last for 480,000) the embedded carbon and energy in use will have been overtaken by the emissions created from the equivalent number of paper towels. However, when you consider that 70kg c02 is about the same as driving 130 miles in a petrol car, it is worth considering whether you need such a large machine when a dryer with less than 1/3 of the emissions such as Dryflow Elite Mark II or Mitsubishi SMART will dry quietly and in a similar or quicker time.

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