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The G-Force v the Kangarillo hand dryer review

This week we have decided to review the Kangarillo hand dryer and G-Force hand dryer. The G-Force has recently been launched onto the UK market at a comparable price to the Kangarillo, a hand dryer that has become popular in the UK over the last couple of years. Performance The Kangarillo is a Chinese manufactured replica of the Xlerator hand dryer, Xlerator is made in the USA that was launched about 12 years ago. The Kangarillo achieves a similar performance to the Xlerator albeit the airflow is not quite as... Read More

Five eco friendly tips and hacks

Five eco friendly tips and hacks At Intelligent Facility Solutions, we are focused on eliminating as much waste as possible and doing our bit as a business to help combat climate change. So, we have put together five easy eco-friendly hacks that could help towards both saving the environment, and saving you a bit of money. Some of these tips you may have heard before, and some may steer on the side of controversy, but they’re all eco, green, and environmentally conscious. Go paperless In an increasingly digital and online society, this... Read More

Four things you can do to make sure your work environment is safe

Last week, the UK government announced their plans to begin the phase out of lockdown measures. And one of these measures was a return to work for those that cannot work from home, but stating that ‘for the foreseeable future, workers should continue to work from home rather than their normal physical workplace, wherever possible.’ But for those that are not able to work from home, like workers in manufacturing, construction or distribution, then the next logical question would be – how do I make sure or know that my... Read More

How to Create a Disabled-Friendly Working Environment

Disabled people have on average lower incomes. Besides, they spend £550 per month in their condition. Among other barriers, they have more difficulties than non-disabled people to obtain a high level education. Adults with disabilities need a job, but while 11.5% of working age non-disabled people are not economically active, in case of those with disabilities the number is 44.3%. In order to contribute to improve disabled people’s life through work and team-building, employers should follow a equal opportunities policy when hiring and also retain good workers that developed a disability. An inclusive working environment means enriching... Read More

The Reality of Paper Towels – time for a disruptive technology?

You may have been affected by the recent negative press around hand dryers, the endless stream of scare stories is a result of a huge PR campaign by the some of the world’s largest paper manufacturers, who also happen to be among the largest company’s in the world. We are talking tens of billions in turnover for the main players. Hand dryer sales have been increasing rapidly over the last 15 years and eating into the paper towel companies profits, mainly due to improved performance and energy efficiency. The UK has... Read More

5 Reasons To Buy From The Energy Technology List (ETL)

Buying new energy efficient equipment? Helping deliver resource, energy and financial savings – improving cash flow as well! Manufacturers or suppliers with products that qualify for the Energy Technology List (ETL) are able to demonstrate that they provide energy efficient equipment. Intelligent Hand Dryers (Intelligent Facility Solutions) are proud to have a product listing on The Energy Technology List, a government list of energy saving products used by businesses. With nearly 17,000 listed products the ETL is one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy saving products. Businesses... Read More

How Do I Know Which Electric Hand Dryer To Buy?

It can be a confusing time choosing the right hand dryer for you Buyers and facilities managers are often confused when looking to buy a hand dryer. There are an abundance of electric hand dryers in the marketplace all claiming to be the fastest, most hygienic, most energy efficient, quietest, sexiest etc etc. There is the Dyson Airblade AB14, the Dyson V, the Xcelerator, The Airforce, the Mitsubishi jet towel, the Tempest, the eTempest………… the list goes on and on and now there are all the Chinese imports all over... Read More

Is The Airforce Hand Dryer The Best Hands Under Option?

The Airforce is probably the most prevalent compact, low energy, high speed hand dryer on the UK market, but is it the best? One of the UK’s most popular hand dryers-Airforce mark III The Airforce is supplied in the UK by Warner Howard through a network of wholesalers and on rental by PHS. There is no doubt the Airforce hand dryer is an excellent product, however it is probably more down to the market coverage of PHS and how entrenched Warner Howard are in the specification market, than down to... Read More

IFS Will Be Supplying Water Efficient Sensor Taps

Being UK’s top website in energy efficient hand dryers and also encouraging accessibility with grab rails and Doc M packs, Intelligent Facility Solutions is introducing a new bathroom fitting that saves water and improves hygiene, especially in commercial washrooms: sensor taps. These automatic appliances are designed for low maintenance and use in restrooms at airports, shopping malls or education centres.  Leading sensor tap manufacturer We will market bathroom taps designed by Giampieri Rubinetterie, an experienced Italian brand that produces high quality brassware together with another European manufacturer, also a world leader... Read More

What have Boris, nasty germs and an England cricket legend got in common with a jet hand dryer?

A friend of mine recently sent me a message saying “I think I have finally lost the plot. I was listening to the World at One on Radio 4 with Mark Mardell and the subject changed from the breakdown of Boris Johnson’s marriage to you talking about the merits of hand dryers vs paper towels, did I imagine this?” Of course, I told him it was in his imagination and he needed to relax a little but the reality was the BBC had been very keen for me to speak.... Read More