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Independent Testing On High Speed Hand Dryers

This article looks at the comparative dry speed and energy consumption of some of the best known hands under, high speed hand dryers. The majority of information on the internet is based on manufacturer’s specifications which follow no common criteria for testing and are largely subjective judgements. Our studies have shown that virtually all information on the net is misleading. It is so common to see hand drying time as 10 seconds, when in fact there is probably no dryer that currently achieves complete drying in this time period As... Read More

Hand Dryer Installation Service From Intelligent Hand Dryers UK

 15/07/2013 Intelligent Hand Dryers UK are pleased to offer a nationwide installation service for Hand Dryers. Our dedicated service technicians will be happy to provide quotations based on installations into existing dedicated fused spurs within 4 metres of the required hand dryer installation. For more extensive electrical work a site survey will be required before a quotation can be given. Intelligent Hand Dryers UK prices start from just £35 per hand dryer installed, however please not that prices vary substantially depending on the area and quantity of hand dryers that... Read More


Hand Dryers Shipped Direct To The United Arab Emirates UAE

 28/06/2013 If you are looking for hand dryers to buy in the UAE, Intelligent hand dryers are happy to ship to all parts of the Emirates. Simply email with the hand dryer you require and the quantity and we will provide a quote within 6 hours  The quote we provide will include shipping to your location. Intelligent Hand Dryers UK are happy to provide hand dryers for Schools, bars, restaurants, hospitals, colleges, universities, offices, stadiums,  and many more types of facilities. Our hand dryers can be found in many... Read More


The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Hand Dryer Review

 01/06/2013 Mitsubishi can rightly feel aggrieved that Dyson stole all their limelight when they introduced the Airblade. Back in 1992 Mitsubishi launched the blade hand dryer concept. Maybe it is the sheer size of the Mitsubishi empire that prevented the Jet towel from ever becoming a focus or maybe Mitsubishi didn’t quite realise how popular the blade hand dryer concept could be, whatever the reason the Jet towel was a fantastic hand dryer that has many benefits, yet has achieved nowhere near the success that the Dyson Airblade has enjoyed.... Read More


Does Renting Hand Dryers Make Sense?

 28/05/2013 This post was last updated Tuesday 30th April 2019 In this article we are going to look at the logic of renting hand dryers. Renting hand dryers is an option that allows your business to avoid capital expenditure and reduce upfront costs on purchase and fitting. It also gives service backup and breakdown cover. There is of course also the option to buy a hand dryer outright. In some locations, if you have the upfront funds, it may be a cheaper overall option as rental will mean you are paying more... Read More

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What should I pay for hand dryers to be installed?

Intelligent hand dryers UK have conducted nationwide research into the amount charged for a straightforward hand dryer installation into a fused spur. Prices varied from £30 to £165 for the same job, with huge regional differences in charging as you would expect. On average costs inside the M25 were twice the price of anywhere else in the UK with the average price in london totalling £110 per hand dryer! Intelligent hand dryers UK provide a nationwide service on installing hand dryers and the average cost is £75 for the first hand dryer... Read More

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I Need A Low Decibel Hand Dryer

 19/04/2013 We are often asked for low decibel hand dryers, usually it is an next door to a classroom, for a nursery (small children really don’t like the noise), a modern office with thin walls and sound that travels or a library. Most architects are looking at noise reduction and the introduction of an official Quiet mark for products shows there is a genuine need for low decibel hand dryers. Below is the list from products we offer and competitors that we found to be the lowest decibel hand dryers.... Read More


Why are blade hand dryers the fastest at drying hands?

We recently conducted a controlled test on a number of hand dryers including blade hand dryers, high speed, low energy hand dryers and Hybrid hand dryers. It became clear that blade hand dryers are the most effective when it comes to fully drying hands in the shortest period of time. Hands are dried independently of each other making performance consistent Hands are dired on both sides simultaneously Gravity means the water is removed quicker fingers can be spread for more complete drying The test involved immersing hands completely in water,... Read More

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Which are the best hand dryers for disabled washrooms?

When selecting hand dryers for disabled washrooms there are a number of considerations. Firstly the height the hand dryer is installed. Disabled doesn’t necessarily mean wheelchair user, therefore there are a whole range of potential positions the users may be accessing the hand dryer from. The hand dryer will have a different recommended installation height depending on whether it is a ‘blade’ hands in hand dryer like the Dyson Airblade; a low energy, or a high speed hand dryer like the Warner Howard Airforce. Blade hand dryers are inherently more limiting for a reduced capacity user as... Read More


The iforce Hybrid Hand Dryer – The Best Of Blade And High Speed Hand Dryers?

We have all witnessed the new age of blade hand dryers such as the Dyson airblade, Mitsubishi Jet towel, Mediclinics Dualflow and the ultra-high speed, low energy compact hand dryers such as the Airforce, G-Force and Stealthforce hand dryer. Well now it’s time to introduce the all new iforce hand dryer, a hybrid product that that overcomes the weaknesses inherent with ‘blade’ hand dryers and with low energy high speed hand dryers. What are the problems associated with ‘blade’ hand dryers? 1. Drainage The first blade hand dryer developed was... Read More