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Which are the best hand dryers for disabled washrooms?

When selecting hand dryers for disabled washrooms there are a number of considerations: Installation height Spray pattern of the dryer Wet floors Size of the unit Noise output Installation height of hand dryers in disabled washrooms Firstly, the height the hand dryer is installed. Disabled doesn’t necessarily mean wheelchair user, therefore there are a whole range of potential positions the users may be accessing the hand dryer from. The hand dryer will have a different recommended installation height depending on whether it is a ‘blade’ hands in hand dryer like the Dyson... Read More

6 Bathroom Fittings to Make Facilities More User Friendly

Updated 1/11/2022 – 2 min read Institutions, laws and aware companies are trying to adapt sanitary facilities to the widest range of users. We tend to focus this inclusion on premises for disabled users, however, there are simple choices at any commercial washroom that can make the experience more pleasant for non-disabled people and those with mild dexterity issues or children. When purchasing bathroom fittings, one of the product options is usually more user friendly. 1) Toilet tissue dispenser Smaller than commercial toilet roll holders since they are intended for medium... Read More

A Buying Guide to WRAS Approved Automatic Sensor Taps 21/10/2022

A Buying Guide to WRAS Approved Automatic Sensor Taps

We’ve already discussed how to choose the best sensor tap for your requirements, but If you’ve been asked to spec WRAS approved sensor taps, or you prefer your products to have this, then the post highlights some of the best on the market.  If you’re unfamiliar with what WRAS approval is, then we’ve got that covered below too. The 17 best WRAS approved automatic sensor taps for 2022 include: AQUAZONE AQUAECO Mono Sensor Tap AQUAZONE SAVOIA Mono Sensor Tap AQUAZONE AQUAECO Mono MIXER Sensor Tap Franke AQUA131 Protronic-S Sensor Tap Franke AQUA130 Protronic-S... Read More


How to improve the indoor air quality in your school

21/10/2022 Schools in the UK house more than 10 million children and young adults, who spend around a third of their lives at school. – 70% of this school time is spent indoors. So, it’s therefore really important that schools provide their students with the best possible indoor environment for learning. Article in Summary – Indoor air quality is a real issue for schools, and the effects of poor air quality can have serious short and long-term effects on both students and staff. So, a few things that schools can... Read More


5 Reasons To Buy From The Energy Technology List (ETL)

Buying new energy efficient equipment? With the seemingly never-ending rises in the cost of energy hitting businesses bottom line in has never been more important to install the most energy efficient products possible and take advantage of government support where it’s on offer. Helping deliver resource, energy and financial savings – improving cash flow as well! Manufacturers or suppliers with products that qualify for the Energy Technology List (ETL) are able to demonstrate that they provide energy efficient equipment. Intelligent Hand Dryers (Intelligent Facility Solutions) are proud to have a... Read More


The unsung hero of hand hygiene

It’s always been known that good hand hygiene is critical to keeping the spread of germs at bay, but did you know hand drying is just as important as soap and water in the effective handwashing process? That’s because, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), bacteria clings to moisture on wet or damp hands and failing to dry them thoroughly can increase the chances of germs being spread and picked up. In fact, as corroborated by the World Health Organisation, the chosen method of hand drying... Read More


Why Electrical Wholesalers Love Working With Us

Right now, there’s a surging demand for electric hand dryers. This is due to a combination of post-pandemic building work picking up again after two years of stop-start projects, and exploding energy bills for organisations. Put simply, the cost of paper towels is going through the roof, due to the high levels of energy and resources required to produce them, and businesses are feeling the bite. For example, an office with 50 people will now find its annual expenditure on paper towels has risen from £1,150 to an average of... Read More

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Review 2022 – Dryflow® Viska Hand Dryer

Viska is Swedish for whisper, so as you might expect the Dryflow® Viska has been designed and is marketed as the ‘World’s Quietest Hand Dryer’. What’s the point of having a quiet hand dryer if it doesn’t work fast enough?  We have reviewed all brands and types, to find out which one will suit your needs best. From £399.00 + VAT Viska Value At £399 + VAT the Dryflow® Viska is at the upper end of the mid-price bracket. Given that is has a 10-year warranty on parts and labour... Read More


What we know about facility managers (and how we work with them).

We’ve been working closely with facility managers since the day we launched back in 2012, and one thing has always been clear – when it comes to hand dryers and washroom accessories, the people responsible for keeping a building running like a well-oiled machine want products for life, with free repairs, lifetime guarantees, reliability, and durability. We also know that quick turnarounds are a top priority when it comes to delivery, free repairs, spares and replacements. However, in recent years, we’ve also seen sustainability and energy efficiency move further up... Read More

Cold Air vs Hot Air Hand Dryers – Which is better?

We have already ascertained in other blogs that hand dryers are equally as hygienic as paper towels and offer considerable environmental, cost and maintenance benefits over other drying methods. But are there differences in how hand dryers dry? We ask whether cold air or hot air drying is the best. What is a Hot Hand Dryer? When most people think of a hot air hand dryer, they think of a traditional slow airflow motor (0.15kw to 0.4kw) with high heat (1 to 2kw). Conjuring images similar to this dryer. Traditional... Read More