Error Code E3 and E4 hand dryer fault – What is it and how can it be sorted?

The E3 or E4 fault on some hand dryers is linked to a voltage problem.  However, it has been brought to our attention that models of the Dryflow Jet Force JF1G hand dryer and equivalents that were manufactured over 18 months ago, may have been fitted with a faulty batch of PCB’s which can create the fault stating E3 or E4.  In normal circumstances this would point to the following fault: After reading this blog post, make sure to also have a look at the best hand dryers on the market this year! Other equivalent hand... Read More

What Features to Look for when Buying Bathroom Waste Bins

To get the most suitable unit for the needs of any facility, it might be useful to know some of the many possible specifications and add-ons of bathroom waste bins for commercial areas. This guide aims to give quite a comprehensive and visual perspective. Bathroom Bins Features Location: While sanitary bins are placed inside the washroom cubicle to store human waste, outside of the toilet partitions you will find general purpose waste bins, where typically people throw away hand paper towels. Capacity: Sanitary disposal units, meant to handle sanpro waste like sanitary... Read More


Guide: How to Choose a Commercial Hair Dryer

Once we have come to the conclusion that we might need a hair dryer for our facilities, there are a lot of features that we should consider in order to guarantee that it is the most suitable model. Nevertheless, before starting to look for a commercial hair dryer, one must study the space available at the facilities and the average amount of users. With the basic information about the location and visitors, we can then explore the market to compare power performance, water resistance, energy consumption or safety measures. Likewise, we could examine if the... Read More


5 Reasons to Install a Hair Dryer at Your Facilities

Some facility owners may discard the installation of a hair dryer assuming it is a dispensable washroom accessory, sort of a deluxe item that no one will miss. However, we consider there are several compelling reasons to place a commercial hair dryer for added users’ comfort, from hair health to fashion and handiness. 1. Hair care To dry our hair the healthiest way, we have to consider several actions that can damage the surface and core of every hair shaft. Studies conclude that washing, brushing and towel drying are related to... Read More


7 Tips to Make a Toilet More Dementia-Friendly

 19/05/2017 850,000 people in the UK have dementia today, in particular 1 in 6 of those over the age of 80 have this condition. 70% of residents in British care homes suffer from this disease or serious memory issues. Some of the main symptoms are confusion and understanding difficulties, so it can be really hard for users with dementia to locate the washrooms in huge buildings, effectively enter the restroom, use the appliances with ease or identify the exit. In order to adapt sanitary facilities to visitors with dementia, we have... Read More

Guide: How to Choose a Commercial Toilet Roll Holder

Devoting a few minutes to research the main types and possible extras of every washroom product positively impacts on cost saving, durability, maintenance, décor and, of course, users’ satisfaction. For instance, the market offers a varied range of toilet roll holders in order to adapt such a toilet fitting to light duty or high traffic commercial bathrooms, as well as from traditional to contemporary washrooms. Toilet users and sanitary facilities Location and visitors determine, to a great extent, which toilet roll holder should be chosen, so we have to start... Read More


5 Grab Rails for Accessible Toilets Away from Corners

Designers and users have at their disposal several layouts of aid points when regular straight bathroom grab rails are not an option. Such a different type of handrail are made to be installed far from corners, for instance in peninsular toilets. They can be immovable or folding and will be fixed to the wall, floor or both. 1) Wall-mounted drop-down grab rail Drop-down rails installed into the wall are nowadays the most common choice in commercial and public accessible washrooms. The double rail offers two support points when sitting on the toilet. Due... Read More


How to Choose A Commercial Baby Changing Table

 25/01/2017 Commercial baby changing tables were invented in New York in 1929, after an urban planner heard that mothers had to reduce their time in the city, because of the need to go back home to change their baby’s nappy. Decades would pass until these bathroom fittings were really popularised, due to the inclusion of women in the workplace (overall since the 80s) and the subsequent growing parity. The changing stations would be more common in ladies’ restrooms, but men themselves and laws have recently requested baby changers in men’s public toilets, therefore it seems that... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sensor Taps 05/01/2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sensor Taps

Now that you know how sensor taps work, we will tell you their main features comparing them with manual and press taps. While some benefits of sensor taps are undeniable, other elements in the list will be more or less negative in relation to one’s needs and expectations. We have classified the features in three categories: advantages, neutral points and disadvantages. Advantages of Sensor Taps Automatic taps contribute to a more sustainable world in two main ways: Water and energy efficiency reduce the total bill amount in dwellings. A British household needs on average 360 litres each day and a portion of it can significantly... Read More


Infographic: How Do Sensor Taps Work?

We have created an infographic to explain in just one minute how basin sensor taps work. It is crucial for us that our customers understand the basic operation of automatic taps. We love sensor taps due to the energy saving and hygiene improvement in public and commercial washrooms.  Now that you know how sensor taps work, why not take a look at our detailed comparative buying guide of WRAS approved sensor taps? To download this, you just need to right-click on the picture and choose Save image as... We are happy for you to share the chart, leaving our branding... Read More