What Type of Taps Are Document M Compliant?

Approved Document M gathers English regulations related to the design of premises for all kind of users, including those with reduced mobility or other impairments such as learning disabilities. Want to know more about sensor taps? Why should you choose a sensor tap? Which taps are the best in the market? We answer all these questions and more in our ‘Which Sensor Basin Tap Should You Choose?‘ guide. Installation distances of Doc M taps The text explains that, in wheelchair-accessible toilets, the placement of the washroom fittings should allow a person seated on the WC to... Read More

5 Bathroom Fittings to Handle Condensation

Updated  17/11/2016 Someone takes a shower or a bath and steam will take over the bathroom. We might appreciate the heat at the moment, but the walls, furniture and other hygiene or cosmetic products can be affected. (check out 12 bathroom products you should not leave out) . Furthermore, slippery surfaces are dangerous for users and humidity leads to the proliferation of some pathogens that may cause, for instance, allergies. Designing bathrooms to cope with damp conditions We know it is necessary to dry the area with a cloth when it is... Read More


The Top 10 Hand Dryers For Schools, Colleges and Universities in 2022

Updated 16/5/2022 Hand Dryers are the logical choice for Schools, Colleges and Universities as the huge cost savings vs paper towels allow scarce funds to be diverted to valuable educational resources. They prevent sinks, urinals and toilets from blocking with paper towels and save caretaker and cleaning staff loads of time restocking dispensers, cleaning mess off the floor and emptying overflowing bins. For a comprehensive discussion on the benefits, go to our hand dryers for schools category page where you will find detailed information on cost savings and environmental benefits... Read More


Dyson Airblade V HU02 Review

Updated 10/10/2021 The Dyson Airblade V HU02 is Dysons 2nd offering to the hand dryer market. Rather than relying on a single jet of air or multiple air jets, the Dyson V configures its air outlets into two angled blades of air to literally scrape water from the hands. The Dyson V is an ultra-slimline (10cm deep) dryer available in a White or Nickel finish, fitted with a HEPA filter as standard. It is into its 2nd generation now, what does our expert think? From £525.00 + VAT Value The... Read More

Designing Bathrooms to Accommodate Grab Rails

Agents, designers, builders, installers and eventually owners are responsible for complying the different building rules. In order to explain to professionals the regulations in the sector, the government published several texts. The file most relevant to reduced mobility is Approved Document M (AD M), which deals with the access to and use of buildings in England. Other documents (C and mostly K) complete its guidance on steps, stairs or ramps and the most suitable handrails for them. It is vital that any accessible bathroom is designed with a suitable configuration of... Read More


5 Things We Usually Ignore about Accessible Toilets

Table of contents Make accessible toilets easy to locate Accessible toilets should be unisex to cater for Carers. Disabled toilets use a standard key that can be applied for. Accessible toilets need to free from hazards Standard accessible toilets are not suitable for all disabilities Non-disabled people that lack close contact with disabled citizens might not know some basic concepts about wheelchair accessible toilets, which can be particularly useful if one is considering installing a toilet that is suitable for as many types of users as possible. 1. Make accessible toilets... Read More


Which Soap Dispenser to Choose? Understanding the Costs

Facilities managers in commercial and public buildings are faced with an array of hand soap and dispenser options, but how do they determine which is the most cost effective? Is liquid soap the cheapest or do you just use more, or is a spray or foam soap is actually more economical? Does the type of soap dispenser have the biggest impact on cost? To answer this question: Firstly, we look at the capacity of the refill pouch or container within a bulk refillable dispenser? E.g. 800ml Then we find out... Read More

Maintaining Your Hand Dryer

We want to make sure you get the full life cycle out of your hand dryer and keep it working as it should do. We have put together a guide 0f how you can make sure your hand dryer runs smoothly, keeps hygienic and operates at optimal performance for years to come. Please note the actual guides and videos may not be exact to your model, but they will give you an indication of what to look for and do. Please view our hand dryer product pages to seek further information relevant... Read More

What to do if your hand dryers not working 22/08/2013

What to do if your hand dryers not working?

Updated 15/12/21 Has your hand dryer suddenly stopped or has an intermittent fault? The good news is that Hand dryers are relatively simple devices and pinpointing the problem is usually straightforward. Below you can find a series of video explainers and information to help cover the following issues: Device has stopped operating completely. Device has power but is not blowing or blowing less than usual. Device is making a rattling sound No heat is coming from the airflow The power light is on but dryer is not activating There is... Read More


How Many Hand Dryers Do I Need To Install In Our Washrooms?

 14/03/2013 1,2,3 or more? When it comes to knowing the amount of hand dryers to put in a washroom there are a couple of things to take into consideration. The amount of hand dryers necessary to install in a washroom depends on the expected traffic in the washroom. It will also depend upon the type of hand dryer you would like to put into the washroom. A conventional warm air hand dryer will have a relatively slow dry time of above 25 seconds.  This is because it relies on evaporation... Read More