One In Five Paper Towel Dispensers Are Empty

The biggest hygiene concern! It is well documented that despite the attempts at scaremongering by the paper towel industry, the key to good hand hygiene is thorough washing and effective drying. If you have a highly effective hand dryer you are guoverflowing towelsaranteed that the user will get a fast and effective hand dry. If you are to dry your hands with a paper towel properly it will take a similar length of time to get in between the fingers and rub properly, it will also probably take 3 or more towels depending on their quality. Both high speed hand dryers and paper towels will be hygienic but the real problem is that 1 in 5 paper towel dispensers are empty!

This is a real hygiene issue. Either hands will be inadequately dried using toilet roll which has the potential to lead to blockages or the persons clothing will be used, also not a hygienic solution.

In addition to the environmental impact of constantly replenishing paper towels, the internal maintenance issues are a real headache for facilities managers. The likelihood is that at some point the dispensers will be empty and this is a genuine hygiene concern.

If you have any concerns about hand dryer hygiene, please contact us and we will be happy to provide evidence far more scientifically based than that funded by an industry looking to perpetuate the purchase of environmentally unfriendly products to maintain turnover.


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Written by: Andrew Cameron