Does Renting Hand Dryers Make Sense?


This post was last updated Tuesday 30th April 2019

In this article we are going to look at the logic of renting hand dryers. Renting hand dryers is an option that allows your business to avoid capital expenditure and reduce upfront costs on purchase and fitting. It also gives service backup and breakdown cover.

There is of course also the option to buy a hand dryer outright. In some locations, if you have the upfront funds, it may be a cheaper overall option as rental will mean you are paying more in the long run. A good quality hand dryer should last for many years without problems and, if there is a rare breakdown, a free unit may be provided within the guarantee.

Having said this, you may just prefer lower monthly payments, particularly if you are used to rental or the monthly cost of buying paper towels.

Here are the main pros and cons of renting hand dryers


  • You get to choose how long you want to pay for the hand dryer so that you can budget accordingly.  Usually 3, 4 and 5 year terms are available so that you can keep monthly costs at the level you can afford to pay back.
  • You have the chance to have a higher spec of hand dryer in your facility, which you may not have been able to afford to do if you had to pay upfront.
  • If you rent hand dryers, breakdown and servicing is usually included as standard. This gives you total peace of mind that should the unlikely event of a fault occur you are covered to get it fixed quickly and easily.
  • There is no upfront cost to pay.  A Dyson Airblade AB14 can cost over £750 ex vat a unit.  If you are needing a few of these a payment in full can affect cash flow significantly.
  • Rental is not a capital purchase so you can expense the entire cost


  • You can not claim capital allowances on the hand dryers
  • You will be paying more in the long run as opposed to paying upfront.
  • You will not own the hand dryers at any point.
  • When you balance up the pros and cons you will find the option that is right for you based on your unique circumstances.

There have been a couple of hand dryers that have been popular in the rental hand dryer market over the years.  Because the companies renting these out only used certain models, it left consumers with a limited choice of what they could have.

There are now various models that are available to rent, making it a better proposition than it ever has been. You now have more freedom to choose the best unit for your location at a monthly price that is right for you the consumer rather than being dictated to by the company which is lending.

We will use 2 hand dryers that are popular in the world of the hand dryer rental market as examples to discuss this matter further.

Popular rental hand dryers

The Airforce has a high speed fixed motor rated at 1.1kw, it is a compact, stylish ABS hand dryer with a multijet airflow.  There is no heater element, but residual heat from the 36,000 rpm motor is enough to gently warm the air temperature. Prices to purchase the Airforce hand dryer vary from £325 to £379 ex vat. The manufacturers specification states that it dries hands in 12 to 15 seconds although in our standard test the Airforce was well past 20 seconds before the hands were completely dry. Check out the youtube video showing the Airforce dry times.

Although the Airforce is a reliable unit and users are not disappointed with the performance, there are other high-speed hand dryers which provide a much better performance and longevity, at a much more competitive price.

The SMARTdri hand dryer has a variable speed motor that allows warm or ambient air and an Eco or Turbo mode. On eco mode the SMARTdri is rated at just 0.425Kw on eco mode and only 0.85kw on turbo mode, with heat adding a further 400 watts to the power consumption. The price on the SMARTdri hand dryer ranges from £425 to £449 ex vat depending on the finish.

The SMARTdri is different from other high speed, hands under hand dryers in that it produces a large airflow that covers the hands, rather than a compressed airflow that forces moisture off the hands.

It’s clearly a very well made product however we feel the eco mode on ambient air is completely ineffective and realistically the dry times are up there with hand dryers in the bad old days of 30 seconds plus.

Use the SMARTdri as a 1.25kw hand dryer and it performs well with a genuine 15 to 20 second dry time, adjust the motor and it just becomes a very expensive and not great hand dryer, although it may outlast you such is the build quality!

Cost to rent hand dryers

If the washrooms in your facilities are not high traffic, then the hand dryers will tend to last for many years. A cheap model should last 90,000 uses and a decent hand dryer can last up to 1 million cycles.

As a result of the more established washroom providers of rental contracts only offering a limited range of hand dryers, consumers have been stuck with a reduced choice than would better suit their requirements.

With there now being much more of a range on offer it allows the rental unit to be matched up to the specific requirements of the facility.  This means that not only will you be getting all the pros of renting discussed above, the dryer which gets installed is much more of a perfect match.

Many hand dryers such as the TurboforceG-force EcoEcoSlim and Ecoforce, have similar specifications, if not enhanced, to the Airforce and SMARTdri including better performance and increased energy efficiency.  There are also many blade style hand dryers like the Dyson Airblade AB14 to choose from.

The rental prices for our hand dryers are as little as £1.25 ex vat a week.  A lot less than you will pay for the rental hand dryers that have been provided in the past.


The Airforce and the SMARTdri hand dryers offered in most rental agreements are good quality but probably don’t offer the same value as many other options out there.

With all our range now available for rental contracts it has never been a better time to rent hand dryers, should this be the right option for you.

Renting hand dryers come with a number of pros and cons, but is a great way to make sure you get the most appropriate product available for your type of facility, with a payment plan which suits you.

Our site is specifically designed to help you make clear comparisons, click here to find out more. We have great prices on Airforce hand dryers and you can also compare these prices against other high speedlow energy hand dryers with similar specifications.

With our rental agreements we build flexible packages that work with your budget and policies. Other washroom providers have standard packages with a one size fits all approach. This sometimes works for you but often means the optimal value is not achieved i.e. If you have someone to install the dryer yourself, you can lower the rental cost substantially with us.

Our contracts are fair and there is no nasty small print. We exist to break the mould and provide a better way. At the end of your contract you are free to continue, cancel or upgrade at any point, there is no auto-contract renewal tying you in for another lengthy period, so there is no need to worry!

With Intelligent Hand Dryers you have the option to buy, rent or finance hand dryers, making us one of the most flexible providers of washroom products in the UK.

For more information or for help in finding your ideal hand dryer or washroom product, please call us UK offices: North: 0114 3540047 South: 0203 3270448; Eire office: +353 19036387, use our contact us page by clicking here or click to visit the website.  You can also use our Intelligent Search Tool that helps you identify the perfect dryer for your location by clicking here.

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