How has our business grown using international student placements?

We are going to give you a brief insight into how we have been able to cherry pick the best talent from overseas for our internships.

This has had a dual benefit, both to us and to the student.  What we've been able to offer the student obviously, is a development opportunity and the chance to come across to the UK.  But in return we've had a very high calibre of worker come across and really apply their own knowledge and skill base to help us grow as a business.

We'd love your questions and queries so we can help you to utilise this kind of placement to help you grow your business too.

At Intelligent Facility Solutions we are a truly global and inclusive company so the chance to offer work placements to overseas students has been a massive benefit to us.  We've offered a placement to a student before and we actually took this lady on as a full-time employee due to her placement.

Her names Paula and she's amazing. She's been a real find for us.  She adds value to the business on a day to day basis, and she's helped us delve deeper into the Spanish markets because she can obviously alleviate any barriers to language, and she's obviously got a local knowledge of the areas in Spain.

This time we were put in touch with a gentleman called Diego.  How it works is we give the criteria of the type of person we want and the type of person we want to work with us.  But, more importantly they look at us as a business and what we can offer that student. Because they obviously want to make sure that the student, when they come across, they don't just come for a holiday, they are going to take some value away back to the home land where they have come from.

Diego came through the International Student Placement Office, the ISPO. His time was funded by the Erasmus scheme.

Now what we got, like we did last time, is a very hard working and committed colleague, that we were proud to call a colleague and help work with us.  We really did get a high class of worker whose helped us grow as a business with the time they've been here.

Here is an interview you will find on the above video, where Diego gives you a few words of how he's found the placement and what he's going to take away.

(JM) Ok so we've got Diego here, he's been one of our interns for the last

(DH) 6 months

(JM) 6 months yep, he's been a great asset to the company so I thought we'd just ask him a few questions, find out how you have found it and give everybody an insight from your perspective.

(JM) So initially, what was your main reason for wanting to work abroad.

(DH) Well first of all I had enough time because I’m finishing my degree, it's my 5th year, I don't have any signatures, I don't have exams, so I just decide to, I really had a lot of time so I decided to go somewhere else, somewhere to improve my English, because as you see my English is not the best one

(JM) It's better than my Spanish!

(DH) well yes

(JM) it doesn't take much

(DH) that's true.  I decided to come to England because of that because I needed to improve my English and I had time.

(JM) Excellent so, I mean obviously you've been a real asset to us

(DH) thanks

(JM) no you have, so erm, how've you found it working with us at Intelligent Facility Solutions?

(DH) It's been a really good experience, I mean it's my first serious job and when I’m working here it's just like it's like being in my house playing.  I mean when I’m working 8 hours a day it feels like 5, we are kidding, we are making jokes.  We had in February 3 new members and they just entered the atmosphere and adapt to it incredible and we are having better time than before now. 

(JM) yep it's worked really well hasn't it?

(DH) So everything's great here.

(JM) I mean you've obviously brought your skills to the business and that's what it is all about as well, but what will you take away from this experience, what have you got out of it mainly?

(DH) Well a lot of things, I mean it's not just the friends I have made in the office it's also the friends I have made out of the office.  It's also the experience of living in a different place, I mean more or less the culture is the same, in Spanish and England the same, you have different things so I learned about those things. And also, to travel all around England there were cities that I didn’t know and I like them Yeah.

(JM) Ok so here's the big question, you came over to learn English better ok, you're in Yorkshire, what words have you picked up that you're going to take away and teach some Spanish people.

(DH) There are a lot of things, like for example once you came to the office and told me "How you diddling"

(JM) ha "how you diddling" yep that’s a good one.

(DH) When you found something like a hand dryer in the warehouse it's like " Bob's your uncle"

(JM) ha there it is yeah

(DH) "No worries mate" " are you alright pal?"

(JM) yeah it took a bit of time for you to get that one

(DH) yep cos I was saying "Pol"

(JM) So there the main words you’re going to take away yeah?

(DH) Yeah

(JM) brilliant

(JM) So, like I say it's been great having Diego here, he's been a real asset to the company hopefully you've had an experience of how he has taken it away and how the business has been able to grow and Diego's enjoyed it so, thanks for sharing that insight Diego and all the best for everything that you take over.

(DH) thanks

(JM) you're welcome

Our contact details are below, please get in touch, give us questions, ask our advice, if this sort of thing looks like it could help your business grow.  It's certainly helped us. 

Maybe you have had a bad experience before.  You've used this type of scheme before and it's not quite worked out.  Get in touch, feed off us, find out what's worked for us and we might be able to put you in contact with this kind of placement again and it will hopefully work out this time.

We look forward to your questions and any queries you may have.

For more information please call us UK offices: North: 0114 3540047 South: 0203 3270448; Eire office: +353 19036387, use our contact us page by clicking here or click to visit the website.


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Written by: James Marvin

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