How Does The Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer Work?

Updated 13/12/2021

We have all used a Dyson Airblade (ab14) hand dryer over the years. It’s the product that made toilet visits more interesting back in the mid-noughties. Since then, a number of new Dyson airblade models have joined the family. There is now the Dyson Airblade V, the Dyson Wash + Dry and the Dyson 9kj. They are all based loosely on the same technology but how does this technology work?

The Basic Dyson Airblade Design

In the BD years (Before Dyson), hand dryers blew hot air onto hands in an attempt to evaporate the moisture, the Dyson Airblade changed this by removing the energy-hungry heater element and creating a motor capable of producing incredible air speeds. These high-powered digital motors, similar to those found in their vacuum cleaners, forced the break-neck speed airflow though a series of thin air outlets, to create the ‘blade’ of air that literally stripped the water from the hands, rather than evaporating it. All their new models apply a similar principal. Despite the much more powerful motors, this new technology is able to use less power than it takes to heat up the airflow on traditional hand dryers.

The Use Of HEPA Filters

The Dyson wasn’t the first to create a ‘blade’ hand dryer but they were the first to introduce HEPA filters. When the hand dryer is activated, the air is drawn into a chamber and passes through a HEPA filter which removes airborne particles and pollutants, significantly improving the air that’s used to dry your hands.

The Dyson Airblade ab14 explained?

This video shows how the original ‘hands in’ Dyson Airblade ab14 works.

The Airblade V (HU02) explained?

The Dyson V was the next model to be launched. The designer talks through how it works and the thinking behind the design.

The Dyson Wash + Dry explained

The 3rd Dyson hand dryer, and in my opinion the best is the Dyson Wash + Dry. It is a water tap and dryer in one that sits over a sink to ensure no drips on the floor. In the video below, the engineer clearly explains the benefits of this novel design.

The Dyson 9kj explained

The 9kj is the latest in the Dyson hand dryer family, launched in 2019. It is billed as the most energy-efficient and quietest model. The major design change apart from the appearance is the curved air apertures, introduced to reduce noise. Check out the video explainer below.

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