Hand Dryer Breakdown is Hassle Free with Modular Hand Dryers

When a hand dryer breaks down it can cause a chain of events that take time, effort and money to fix.  Where can you locate spare parts? How much is a new hand dryer? How long will it take and cost for an electrician to detach the hand dryer from the wall, send the unit back and install a new one?

Modular hand dryers are taking all the hassle out of this.  All the end user would need to do is simply take the unit off its back plate safely, as no electrical components need detaching.  They send the unit back to the supplier and either the unit is fixed and returned or a new unit is sent out to replace the broken one.  This then gets “plugged-in” back onto the back plate without needing to be rewired and screwed back into the wall.

The main benefits to this are that time is not wasted waiting for an electrically competent person to detach and reinstall the hand dryer.  The unit can also be easily sent to an electrically competent person without them having to visit the site.  Keeping the costs down for the end user but also maximising the time of the electrician who doesn’t have to factor travel time into their already full diary.  This leaves customers satisfied and electricians happy.

This video shows how easy a plug in hand dryer can be taken on and off the wall (please note security screws are included)  

The benefits of this kind of installation are documented here, however this infographic gives key information.

How does the G-Force MkII plug-In system work?

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