Funding Options for Small Businesses

Could The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund Help Your Business Pay for Energy Saving Equipment Such As Energy Efficent Hand Dryers?

The Carbon Trust is providing funding of up to £10,000 capital contribution per business for small and medium-sized businesses in England, Scotland and Wales. The scheme provides direct funded support through energy assessments, training programmes and equipment purchasing.

For more information about the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund click here

This is an example, in principle so not an exact process as this is unique to each case, for how it works for installing energy efficient hand dryers

  1. Customer meets the criteria of business size and turnover
  2. Customer wants to purchase 10 hand dryers at £230 ex Vat each
  3. Installation from this will be £740 ex VAT
  4. Total project cost £3040 ex VAT
  5. Potential contribution at 30% from Green Business Fund £912
  6. Customer applies for a Green Business Fund showing they will make a full return on investment from energy savings within 5 years
  7. Application approved
  8. Customer purchases and pays for install in full – payments on account need to have cleared before work can be signed off and the invoice should be dated within 3 months of the date that the customer claims the contribution from the Carbon Trust at the end of the process
  9. Hand dryers installed and Intelligent Facility Solutions sign a commissioning certificate to state all work has been completed and return to Carbon Trust
  10. Carbon Trust receive the commissioning certificate and pay the customer their Green Business Fund amount within 7 working days

Our page in the Green Business Directory is here 

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