Dyson Airblade V HU02 or the Dryflow Viper? Which Hand Dryer?


The Dyson Airblade V HU02 hand dryer has improved recently over its predecessor the AB08 by becoming 35% quieter yet keeps a stunning dry time that is one of the best on the market.  The V shaped bladed airflow is designed to scrape water off each hand simultaneously and direct it away from the user.  This gives the same bladed effect found in the “hands in” varieties but in a “hands under” model.  The Dryflow Viper has been made with a bladed airflow in a similar format.  With this design, could it be as good as the highly popular Dyson V?  Read on to find out and help you make the right choice for you.






Dyson Airblade V HU02    Dryflow Viper 
12 Seconds Dry 15 Seconds (in house tested – see video)
1000W Power 600W – 2000W (adjustable settings)
3.33W  Energy Per Dry  2.5W – 8.33W 
79dB (has achieved the Quiet Mark accreditation)  Noise Level 70 – 74dB (adjustable settings. Quiet Mark Accredited)
Digital V4 Brushless Motor  Type of Motor Brushed Motor
1500+ (tested to continuous use but not to failure – would be expected to surpass this) Motor Life Hours  1500
500+ Suitable Daily Uses  100 – 300
40p (based on manufacturer tested dry time)  Cost Per 1000 Dries  40p (based on in-house tested dry time with no heat setting)
Made from tough and durable ABS polycarbonate and uses anti-tamper 4mm Pin-Hex screw  Vandal Resistance Thick vandal resistant stainless steel cover
5 year manufacturers guarantee – On-site or replacement warrantyBack plate mounting bracket – allows a first phase installation – can be mounted or removed from the wall quickly and easily thanks to its innovative back plateExtremely slim unit, just 10cm deep! – dimensions are H394 x W234 x D100mmAntibacterial coating type: Contains antibacterial additive in fascia. Can help prevent the growth of bacteria.HEPA filter (glass fibre and fleece prelayer)IP24  Other Key Features 3 year guarantee4 settings allow high & low speed and heater element on or offDimensions are H325 x W310 x D188mmDual sensor activation means instant start upHEPA filtered airIPX1
 White £489 / Nickel £520 correct at time and date of post  Price Online White £229 / Brushed Satin £249 correct at time and date of post

The above table shows the similarities and differences between the 2 hand dryers.  Although the HU02 has yet to be in house tested for dry speed, we know that this manufacturer stated figure will be very accurate due to the rigorous testing Dyson perform on their hand dryers.  It is also confirmed by our experience of using the model in various locations.



The heater element in the Dryflow Viper does increase the energy consumption somewhat. However, some users prefer instant heat on the hands. To keep energy consumption low, the Airblade V doesn’t have a heater element and relies on continuous use of the motor in busy areas to generate heat from the motor.  The ability to decide if you want the heat on or off is a real bonus of the Viper.

The Dyson V has a higher standard of ingress protection and the ability to withstand extreme use, such as over 500 dries a day.  So, if excessive longevity and protection from excessive projection of water directly on to the hand dryer is key to your choice, then the HU02 may be the right dryer for you.  The HU02 is made of highly robust materials and the V4 brushless motor is made to give years and years of service, no matter how much use it gets on a daily basis.  That said the Viper is very robust and comes with a great motor that will comfortably withstand up to 300 uses a day.  For example, over 10 years of life is expected of the viper in an office of 100 people spread over 4 hand dryers.

Although 79db, the HU02 has passed the Quiet Mark.  We know first-hand that this hand dryer is of low noise levels even though it has superbly fast drying times.  The changes made to this model from its predecessor have really taken the Dyson V to a new level.  That said, the Dryflow Viper is quiet in use and is currently undergoing testing by the Quiet Mark to pass its accreditation.

The depth of the Dyson V make it a sort after unit at just 10cm, as well as its first phase installation back plate which means installers can fit the back plate onto the wall and the rest of the unit can be fitted at a later date, such as when other aspects of a new washroom have been fitted.  This is becoming a real advantage in the hand dryer market, with other hand dryers following suit.

This video shows the stringent testing we perform on the hand dryers in our range to give accurate dry time information.

Dryflow Viper Dry Time Testing

Cost to Run Comparisons

Based on the following scenario:

  • Existing solution: Paper towels
  • Type of location: Office
  • Number of staff: 250
  • Number of dryers required: 8
Dyson Airblade VDryflow Viper(with heater switched off – 0.8kW)
Annual Paper Towel Cost£2559.38£2559.38
Annual Savings Vs Paper Towels£2442.38£2442.38
Annual Running Costs£117£117
Payback ROI 1.7 Years0.8 Years

The above shows costs with the heater element switched off and at a full speed motor (800W rated power) for the Dryflow Viper.

To view the costs associated with each hand dryer based on your own location and number of uses please click on the links below:

Dyson Airblade V Cost Calculator Click Here
Dryflow Viper Cost Calculator Click Here 
(this will give results with the heater element on – 2000W rated power)

Final Thoughts

The HU02 will always be the faster of the units and have the higher quality. However, the Dryflow Viper is extremely solid and for mid traffic locations, does compare very well. Both units have a V shape bladed air outlet and you will have seen the successful way the Viper utilises this way of directing the airflow to dry the hands rapidly.

Both units have HEPA filters, however the Dyson model will be of a much higher quality.  The Viper HEPA filter will add a good layer of protection but the HU02 would be the better choice if you are looking for the highest possible defence.  Especially with its antibacterial additive in its fascia.

With the Viper being customisable you can make it extremely energy efficient or quieter than it already is at high speed. Without the heater element at high speed the Viper has comparable costs to the HU02.

There is no denying the HU02 has all the high quality and performance you would expect from a Dyson product which makes it one of the stand out products on the market. That said, for the price of the Dryflow Viper, you are getting a hand dryer with superb dry times, great energy efficiency and vandal resilience, at a budget price for this type of bladed technology.  If you are looking for something that will not leave the user disappointed and have a mid traffic or less location, then the Viper really should come into consideration for you to purchase.


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