7 Simple Ways to Integrate Grab Rails in the Bathroom

We are slowly but constantly purchasing new things for home, because something stopped working or is just old. On the other side, we might say that we are healthy now and do not need grab rails, but given the chance we would probably use them and definitely some of our guests would appreciate them. So why not to consider to install double-function grab rails next time we refurbish an element of our bathroom?

1. Towel holder

Next time we are choosing a thin bar for hanging the towel, we could pick a straight grab rail. There are several finishes available as well and the grab will be safer: thicker bar diameter (30-35 millimeters), resistant material and solid wall supports. A standard towel warmer would be a great selection, since it has these features too.

2. Radiator

Some people often use the radiator next to the bathtub to dry clothes. Well, instead of a new portable slim clothes line that is going to be there for years, let’s buy a handrail that can also help mobility.

3. Toilet paper holder

There are different shapes of wall-mounted grab rails that hold the toilet roll too, some of which are quite concealed and look nice. Maybe not us, but visitors to our houses probably need an additional support like this one when getting up or sitting down. Sometimes they will use the TP holder as a grab rail and it will break if it is not a proper handle.

4. Shelves

Shampoo, gel and other hygienic products can be placed in a grab rail that aids anyone while having a shower or bath, or next to the washbasin. Some of them are meant for the wall, others for the corner and there are also double-function grab rails for holding the soap.

5. Shower

Once we have decided to install a wall-mounted shower bar, it looks useful to opt for a long vertical grab rail that can help users at a reachable distance. Likewise, when selecting a shower curtain rail, there is the possibility to purchase one that also has a resistant vertical rail from ceiling to bathtub or from ceiling to floor that will assist the entrance and exit.

6. Tap

Bear in mind too that certain models of faucet have a relatively long bar that would be valuable in determined circumstances, provided that it is high quality material.

7. Hooks and hangers

If sticky hooks and door hangers do not convince us, let’s consider to fix the hook, hanger or clothes rack to the wall at a useful height for support.

Perhaps we would not like dedicated grab bars right now in our bathroom, however, think about the extra grabbing function some equipment can provide because it will eventually be convenient for us or someone else.

If your mobility has restricted, we remind you that there are compelling reasons to obtain grab rails, regardless of the type, as well as to seek professional health advice. In IFS, we aim at supplying practical bathroom fittings with precise information. You can visit the grab rails category or the Doc M packs section we have prepared. Furthermore, we also sell easy to operate products like sensor taps, automatic soap dispensers or hand dryers for wheelchair-accessible toilets. Please, contact us in case you have any question or request.

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