Intelligent Hand Dryers, in true “DIY SOS” style, have been delighted to answer the call of the Gardeners Rest Community Society Ltd in their hour of need by donating hand dryers and soap dispensers for the Gardeners Rest pub, Neepsend, Sheffield. 

Their washroom service contract at the pub was coming to an end, with little or no communication from the provider of when the installed washroom equipment was going to be ripped out. Unfortunately, a day before an event where hundreds of people attending a beer festival in Kelham Island were due to descend, the washroom company came in unannounced and took away hand dryers, soap dispensers and other washroom accessories.  They were going to be inundated with visitors with no economical way of providing the public with a decent way to dry the hands.  Paper towels could of course have been provided but they come at a cost.  Something that this type of community venture cannot afford to just shell out.

We were only too happy to help and donate some of the things they would require.  The project is local to us and we see first-hand the amazing impact it has on the local community in all sorts of ways. This is a crowdfunded venture that benefits so many people. If we can do our bit to help the local community then we certainly will.

So, have the new hand dryers had an impact? Mark Powell, a member of The Steering Group of the Gardeners Rest Community Society says:

"We had a customer come and shake me by the hand the other day.  His told me he had been reluctant to come into our pub in recent times because of the poor performing hand dryers that had originally been there.  He said he will now have no qualms at all, as the new hand dryers do exactly what they should do.  His main concern was he didn’t feel he could shake hands with people he would like to great in the pub because of his wet hands after visiting the toilet. This was clearly an issue for him, one we may never have heard about until now.  Just goes to show, people do value things for all sorts of reasons."

We were happy we could make a small donation that looks like it has had a great impact, to help such a great cause.

More about the Gardeners Rest Pub and the Gardeners Rest Community Society Ltd

The long-term owners of the pub were looking to settle into a well-earned retirement. The regulars were worried the popular, time-honoured pub would be knocked down and turned to flats as Kelham Island is fast becoming a sort after area for this type of property development.  However, the community stepped in to keep the pub open as a Social Enterprise, that not only benefits the people, but keeps a traditional pub of Neepsend open to the new generation residents of Kelham Island.

This promotional video is excellent and really sets the scene of why the local community wanted to save the pub and do amazing things with it.

The aim was to form The Gardeners Rest Community Society Ltd. and raise a minimum of £100,000 through crowdfunding to take the pub into community ownership. This allows the pub to be a truly local enterprise, accountable to the community it serves and benefits.  To date this has now reached the £200,000 mark which will allow The Gardeners Rest Community Society Ltd to buy the pub from the current owners.

In their own words:

“The Gardeners Rest is a community run pub in Neepsend, Sheffield. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our beer selection and the regular arts and musical events held in the pub. We’re also proud that we, the customers, own and run the pub as a community project. So not only do we have a great pub to drink in, we also undertake charitable work with vulnerable adults and people with learning difficulties, by providing employment opportunities and meeting space. As we’re fond of saying: we’re more than a pub, we’re a community hub.”

For more information about the Gardeners Rest pub visit the website You can find out more about the crowd funding opportunity at and of course I am sure they would love to hear from other businesses who may be able to help this community project in some way.