Do I need an electrician to fit in an air steriliser?

One of the factors you may be thinking about when looking to buy an air steriliser is does it require an electrically competent professional to install it? This may not be too important to some, but this factor could make or break the purchasing decision for others, especially those on a tight budget.

So, do you need an electrician to install an air steriliser? The answer is: it depends on the type of unit you’re looking to buy.

Products that DO require an electrician for installation

Dryflow® Washroom Air & Surface Steriliser

Units, such as this Dryflow Washroom unit, require installation into a fused spur, similar to installing a hand dryer. So, you would need an electrician to come down and fix this in for you.

Most air sterilisers made for washrooms will need to be fixed into the mains supply, due to the risks and dangers around having plug sockets in washrooms.

Products that DON’T need an electrician for installation

These units can be either plug in units or fixed into the mains electricity. If you decide to plug it in, then that’s it off you go! But if you decide you want it fixing into the mains, then in this case, you would need an electrician for this.

The need for an electrician is entirely dependent on the type of air steriliser you're looking to purchase, so definitely something to check if it's a deciding factor for you. 

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