Designing a washroom for the “new normal” – 5 products that solve many challenges


The “new normal” world of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for touchless, hygienic products in the washroom more than ever.  This will continue as we come out of the pandemic, with people more aware that contactless is best for enhanced hygiene. You need to know about these washroom products to stay ahead of the game and maximise people’s safety.

This article gives you 5 products that will solve your challenges in designing an enhanced hygienic washroom for the modern era.

It‘s well known that regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others, because germs spread from hands to surfaces and back again, with wet hands 1000 more likely to transfer and pick up germs.

So, key to hand hygiene is limiting the number of surfaces and objects you touch, thoroughly washing them, and then thoroughly drying them. With regards to drying the hands, Reynolds et al. (2020) conclude in their scope review of the evidence that there is no creditable scientific evidence to suggest either paper towels or hand dryers are the most hygienic. Making sure they are dry is key (although avoiding a previously used towel is advisable).

Air and surface sterilisers

How can you make sure the air and surfaces are being cleaned 24/7? To minimise risk of germs in the washroom, air and surface sterilisers are an essential component.

They easily rid washrooms of germs and bad smells. Complimenting routine cleaning practices, they constantly kill up to 98% of germs like the Coronavirus family of viruses, Flu, Clostridium Difficile, Listeria, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermis, MRSA, and E coli.

This is all chemical free, using safe disinfecting substances that exist naturally all around us.

For more information about air and surface sterilisers click here

Antibacterial door handles and push plates

A cause for concern for some people is the touching of door handles to enter and exit the washroom. Without installing automatic doors how can you reduce cross contamination risk?

Purehold door hand covers and push plates are proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria (inc. E-coli, Salmonella, Camplylobacteur and Staph Aureus), and 96.4% cleaner than standard door handles using silver technology embedded into handle surface.

The chemical free, robust solutions are simply clipped over existing lever door handles or easily installed push plates

For more information about Purehold antibacterial door handles and push plates click here

Dryflow Bi-Tap
 and Tri-Tap series

What about limiting movement in a washroom? This means less mess on the floor, less likely to come into contact with others as well as getting people in and out of the washroom in the quickest time possible.

Two great options are the Dryflow Bi-Tap and Tri-Tap series. Contactless soap, water and hand drying all over the sink.

These can be bought as a set or as stand-alone items meaning you can fix next to existing solutions.

All products are energy efficient, water saving, robust and high performing.  The Tri-tap water faucet is also WRAS approved. The hand dryer in both sets is high speed, fast drying, has a plug and play installation and the option of high grade HEPA filter.

To read more about the products please see below:

  • Dryflow® Bi-Tap Wash and Dry Series (full set) – IFSUCM092A-ANON – Click here
    • (Soap and water) Dryflow® Bi-Tap Soap & Water Sensor Tap – IFSGAJ002A-ANON – Click here
    • (Hand dryer) Dryflow® Bi-Tap Hand Dryer – IFSM092A-ANON – Click here
  • Dryflow® Tri-Tap Wash and Dry Series (full set) – IFSUCM093A-ANON – Click here
    • (Soap) Dryflow® Tri-Tap Automatic Soap Dispenser – IFSDJ003AC-ANON – Click here
    • (Water) Dryflow® Tri-Tap Water Sensor Tap – IFSGA003AC-ANON – Click here
    • (Hand dryer) Dryflow® Tri-Tap Hand Dryer – IFSM093A-ANON – Click here

Bobrick Klutch Mobile Device Holder – B-635

Where do you put your bag, laptop or phone when you pay a visit to the washroom? On the floor or on a washroom side? These are places that could be full of bacteria.

The Klutch B-635 is a touchless practical solution for storing mobile devices and bags safely within the cubicle or washroom environment.  The sleek stainless steel units are compact, extremely durable and give protection from wet environments. The integrated bag hook holds up to 136Kg and can accommodate multiple items. Fully ADA-compliant with no grasping or twisting to use.  This can be located anywhere in the washroom including next to sinks, in cubicles and next to baby changing stations.

Read more about the Bobrick Klutch Mobile Device Holder – B-635 here

Bobrick B-38030 TrimLine 3in1 Combination Unit

People have a preference when it comes to drying the hands. Paper or hand dryer. Although they are popular, paper towels don’t offer the most sustainable and waste free option. They’ve a larger environmental impact than hand dryers when taking into account how they are produced, used only once and how they are disposed of. So how do you offer them in a responsible way?

The Bobrick B-38030 is a fantastic unit, with a clean solid stainless steel construction, described by the manufacturer as “the greenest one” of the series. It comes in a recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted option, with multiple waste bin capacities.  The waste bin being directly under the drying area catches waste straight away, both paper and residual water.

It saves paper by including a TowelMate, making sure only 1 towel is dispensed at a time. No more grabbing a fistful of paper at each time or paper getting stuck so you have to reach in and touch the dispenser! The hand dryer completes the job whilst you are rubbing with the paper towel, speeding up the drying process, therefore reducing the amount of electricity used from the already low rated power unit (900W).

Of course, offering a bamboo paper option decreases the environment impact so much more!

Read more about the Bobrick B-38030 TrimLine 3in1 Combination Unit here

Here at Intelligent Facility Solutions we have a range of touchless products which will help you solve the challenges that have been thrown up during these COVID-19 times. From sensor taps to high speed hand dryers and automatic soap dispensers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any advice you may need.

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