3 Design Errors in Commercial Washrooms

There are plenty of design mistakes one can make at washrooms and toilet cubicles, the Internet is full of epic fails of this. We wish to highlight three less known possibilities that we have personally encountered ourselves and that could have been easily avoided.

1) The wrong toilet paper dispenser

Our philosophy is based on always trying to communicate that any washroom fitting or appliance must be appropriate for the location and user traffic. Calculating the capacity of the accessory in relation to the facilities footfall can save costs and ease up maintenance. However, skipping this point may imply purchasing an underused and unnecessarily expensive unit or acquiring one unable to cope with a heavy rhythm.

On the picture you can see how a toilet roll holder for a standard roll was insufficient to provide paper at one of the toilet compartments of a small business building. With time, one jumbo toilet paper dispenser had to be installed, so that visitors were properly served and cleaning staff should not have to visit as often.

2) The reflecting ceiling

Imagine you go to the washroom of a quite nice restaurant, you raise your head and see an almost mirrored black ceiling over your toilet cubicle that would allow you to spy on the other cubicle (and vice versa). Well, that happened for real and is not pleasant.

3) The unreachable sanitary bin

There are many types of sanitary disposal bins on the market, so you could expect a hassle free experience on this regard inside a toilet compartment. Nonetheless, disappointment occurs too frequently: human waste coming out of a very full bin, unhygienic methods to open the deposit or, our least favourite, pedal operated sanitary bins placed in a way that cannot be used while sitting on the toilet. 

A well thought design can prevent wetness on the floor and slip accidents. Therefore, when planning, it seems wise to consider other small details like the aforementioned, because although in the end unimportant they can ruin a great design or slightly frustrate a guest’s visit.


At IFS, we aim at providing honest advice on the best energy efficient hand dryer or commercial washroom fittings like soap dispensers and hair dryers. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any query or request, including how to make your facilities more child friendly, more suitable for adults with babies or more accessible, for instance with bathroom grab rails and automatic appliances for users with reduced mobility.

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