5 Bathroom Fittings to Handle Condensation


Someone takes a shower or a bath and steam takes over the bathroom. We might appreciate the heat at the moment, but the walls, furniture and other hygiene or cosmetic products (which, by the way, probably should not be there) will suffer the consequences. Furthermore, slippery surfaces are dangerous for users and humidity leads to the proliferation of some pathogens that may cause, for instance, allergies.

We kind of know that we must dry the area with a cloth when it is steamy, but most people do not bother. Therefore, we better consider to prepare sanitary facilities to cope with wetness, whether recently built or if we are going to refurbish the room.

  • Since cold finishes tend to attract more condensation, we could install double glazed windows or materials in the wall that are warmer than, for example, tiles.
  • With the same reasoning, demisting mirrors or mirror demisters warm up the glass, so it does not get blurred. These heating pads need an electrical source.
  • Every time a bath or shower is taken, doors have to remain closed if we do not want that dampness to damage other parts of the premises. Opening the window is not always an option: maybe there is none or it is very cold or wet in the outside (i.e. like in the UK). Let’s consider ventilation grilles, which passively take hot air outwards, and extractor fans. It is more and more common to link the extractor fan and the shower light, so that users can not forget to turn it on. In case these built-in items are not feasible, there are portable extractor fans and also dehumidifiers. Anyway, one should be keep the system clean.
  • Fix conveniently to the wall or to the floor grab rails and shower bars that offer a good grip even when there is moisture, such as those with granular or textured finishes, fluted bars, rubber grips or ergonomic designs (curved, hand-shaped).
  • Of course, place a bathroom mat to prevent balancing acts, slips and eventually falls.

These simple but hopefully useful elements at the time of designing or furnishing a bathroom could bring a better after shower experience and help to prevent mould. Perhaps inviting a plant to clean the bathroom air would be an interesting complement.

In IFS, we think about the practicalities of appliances and fittings in the bathroom and toilet. We wish to provide as much information as customers may need to achieve the best decision. Do not doubt to contact our team or use our web tools to find the most suitable energy efficient hand dryer for your needs, easy to operate soap dispensers or the type of grab rail that will ease mobility, especially for disabled users and the elderly.

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