COVID-19: Looking after your mental health in Sheffield

We may be staying home for the sake of our own and our families’ physical health, but right now, it’s crucial we take care of our mental health and wellbeing too. 

If, like us, you live Sheffield, here are some of the innovative and thoughtful initiatives and services local people and businesses have put in place to help you keep you and your family’s mental health in check during the lockdown: 

Be active - Sport Sheffield, run by University of Sheffield, has launched its STAY ACTIVE @ HOME CHALLENGE, a 30-day challenge throughout April for all the family, providing fun ways for everyone to be active in and around the home for a minimum of 45 minutes a day. It’s free and open to everyone. Once you register, you will be added to an activity tracker which will collect your active minutes. 

Learn something new and stimulate your mind -
Chesterfield-based community organisation CSALS has a free online first aid course, the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training is offering free Facebook live lessons, Space to Breathe in Sheffield has taken its meditation sessions online or soak-up some culture with free Sheffield-based theatre performances. 

Be sociable - Social interaction is high on the list of things people miss, what’s more, it’s essential for good mental wellbeing. To tide us over during the lockdown, Brewdog Sheffield has opened an
online bar with quizzes, a beer school, live music and loads more. Doors open at 6pm most evenings.  

Feel good by helping others - We may be social distancing, but charities still need help. Food banks across the UK are reporting drops in donations at the time they need it most, but you can still help by donating cash - support the overall Sheffield food bank network here. Don’t forget to check-in on your elderly neighbours, put their bins out without being asked (wash your hands before and after), and give passers by a friendly wave through the window. Small acts of kindness make a big difference to others and you. 

Ask for help - According to The Guardian, more than 720 local mutual aid groups have popped up across the UK. This involves the local community setting up Facebook and WhatsApp groups to keep everyone in-touch and allow self isolators, solo people and the sick to ask for help. If you’re not involved in one locally, join the Sheffield Facebook mutual aid group here

Have a clear out - we all know how great a good tidy can make you feel. Here’s your chance to do this AND entertain your kids. Mindful declutterer, Dottymow, has published a series of
helpful blogs to make decluttering effective, fun and sustainable for all the family. 

Eat well - the big supermarket delivery slots may be maxed out, but take the time to discover the smaller, independent stores and online fresh food delivery services in your area. A quick facebook search turned up Country Fresh Foods and YeeKwan in Sheffield, and there are loads more offering contactless doorstep deliveries. 

Sunlight - a little sunshine goes a long way. Throw open your windows, drink a cuppa on your doorstep or spend time in the garden. The warm weather has arrived in Sheffield, but please don’t be tempted to take a family trip out this Easter. 

Talk -
Help Bub is providing free,
online 20-minute therapy sessions to vulnerable older people and others who are self-isolating or struggling, with independent therapists across the UK volunteering their help for free. Discover more here.

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Written by: Claire Anderson

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