Cold Air vs Hot Air Hand Dryers – Which is better?

We have already ascertained in other blogs that hand dryers are equally as hygienic as paper towels and offer considerable environmental, cost and maintenance benefits over other drying methods. But are there differences in how hand dryers dry? We ask whether cold air or hot air drying is the best. What is a Hot Hand Dryer? When most people think of a hot air hand dryer, they think of a traditional slow airflow motor (0.15kw to 0.4kw) with high heat (1 to 2kw). Conjuring images similar to this dryer. Traditional... Read More


Award-winning nightclub chooses Intelligent Hand Dryers for their toilet refurbishment.

We have decided to start featuring some of our wonderful customers in our blog. This week we feature the multi-award-winning Night Owl Club and Restaurant in Digbeth, Birmingham and now Finsbury Park, London. We supplied both Night Owl locations with Jetforce PRO Hand Dryers and Alcohol Gel Dispensers. Arith Liyanage, the Director and Founder explains the ethos of his Nightclubs and why he chose Intelligent Hand Dryers. ‘We are dedicated to providing a great experience to everyone who walks through our doors, from the friendly welcome our team give to... Read More

Sickie Day, 7th February: How Employers Can Reduce Sickness-Related Absenteeism

Since 2011, the first Monday of every February has been known as Sickie Day  – down to the fact that, statistically, this is the day when most people are likely to call in sick in the UK. With gloomy weather, post-holiday blues, and seasonal illnesses in the mix, it’s hardly surprising – yet, prior to the pandemic, sickness-related absences were costing UK businesses £77.5 billion per year.  Employers might not be able to do anything about the weather and time of year, but seasonal illness is one area where they... Read More