Plastic and the environment


Recycling Centres in Sheffield – Search Tool

Find locations in Sheffield that will recycle everything from standard plastic bottles to mascara wands using the search tool below We are excited to finally share with the world our new recycling search tool. This is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months with the aim to make recycling in Sheffield that much easier for everyone. And this was especially a priority with the comments and questions received on our Sheffield plastics recycling guide This new recycling search database not only includes your... Read More


Are air fresheners bad for the environment?

We are a nation that love to have our homes, cars, or workplaces smelling nice and pleasant. And who could blame us! Walking into a nice smelling home is great. But what do we really know about those products we buy to make it smell nice? Most of us will have bought an air freshener at some point in our lives. Yet, something that isn’t really talked about too much is the effects that these products have on our environment. What makes air fresheners so bad for the environment? Contributes to indoor... Read More

How to save water (and the planet) in your mosque 03/06/2020

How to save water (and the planet) in your mosque

For Muslims, the process of ablution – a ceremonial act of washing parts of the body – is necessary before praying. So, every mosque will have washrooms that accommodate this process. However, the ablution process can use up quite a lot of water. Most people will leave the tap running during this process, which ends up wasting a lot of water. A study found that around half of the tap water flows directly to the drain without any contamination (Al Mamun et al, 2014). The science Another study by Rozaiza... Read More

The lifecycle of a coffee cup 12/11/2019

The lifecycle of a coffee cup

Takeaway or disposable coffee cups must be one of the most confusing items when it comes to recycling. Can you recycle them or not? Technically yes, they are recyclable. But only 1 in 400 are recycled. This is due to the fact that each part of the coffee cup has to be separated and recycled differently, and this includes separating the cup itself, as it is made up of both paper and an inner plastic lining. A small number of local authorities have put into place specialist bins or schemes to... Read More

How to reduce plastic waste in the office 04/11/2019

How to reduce plastic waste in the office

As some of you may have heard, we had been piloting a single-use plastic ban at Intelligent Facility Solutions headquarters. We recieved quite the attention for it! Our ban was covered by The Times, featured on various radio stations (BBC Radio 5, Sheffield, Wales, and Northern Ireland), and covered on TV by This Morning and The Jeremy Vine Show. We are currently in Phase 2 of this ban, which has made the ban more permanent but allows sweets and crisps – something we voted to keep as this was the category that we... Read More

Can we ban single use plastics in the office? Follow up staff meeting

 09/10/2019 As you’ll have read in the initial blog post and watched the accompanying video, Andy put it to us all he would like us to trial a ban on single use plastics to see if we could all, as a team, do more for the environment. It was suggested that if it was a successful trial we would vote on whether this should be written into our contracts so that it isn’t just a nice to have policy, it’s a statement of who we are as a company and that us staff are... Read More

Recycling plastics in Sheffield – what can we actually recycle?

One of the most common questions asked regarding plastics is what can we actually put in our recycle bins? We as a nation seem to be unclear on what plastics are recyclable and which are not. But who can blame us? When it comes to recycling plastics, the information available is limited at best, and the information we are provided with is unclear, confusing, and entirely dependent on where you live. Live in Sheffield and don’t know what or where to recycle your rubbish? We’ve got you covered with this... Read More