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Food banks in Sheffield – how and what to donate

 16/12/2019 Food banks provide a vital and necessary service to our society, and to the people of Sheffield. More than 14 million people in the UK live below the poverty line. And the number of food banks has increased significantly in the last 5 years, with food banks in the UK now outnumbering the number of McDonalds branches. The Trussell Trust reported an increase of 73% in food bank use, with the main reasons people used food banks being: Income did not cover essential costs (33.11%) Benefit delays (20.34%) Benefit changes (17.36%)... Read More


Recycling plastics in Sheffield – what can we actually recycle?

One of the most common questions asked regarding plastics is what can we actually put in our recycle bins? We as a nation seem to be unclear on what plastics are recyclable and which are not. But who can blame us? When it comes to recycling plastics, the information available is limited at best, and the information we are provided with is unclear, confusing, and entirely dependent on where you live. Live in Sheffield and don’t know what or where to recycle your rubbish? We’ve got you covered with this... Read More