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A guide to choosing the right commercial baby changing unit for you 12/08/2020

A guide to choosing the right commercial baby changing unit for you

There are quite a few types of baby changing units you can put in public locations, that come with a range of features. The best unit for you depends entirely on what you and your space needs. Do you need a unit that’s wall mounted? Or a unit that sits horizontally? Or maybe a unit that comes with a strap or storage space? We have a range of changing units that cover all these questions and more, from world leading providers such as Koala Kare. Most of the changing units... Read More

Which is the Best Commercial Soap Dispenser 11/06/2020

Which is the Best Commercial Soap Dispenser in 2021?

Soap dispensers, especially with the ability to use alcohol gel, are a very popular addition to a facility. Not only the washroom, but also for temporary hand wash / hand sanitiser stations in places like building entrances, meeting rooms, office spaces and corridors to increase hand hygiene and combat the spread of COVID-19. When you’re looking for a soap dispenser, you not only want it to look good, you want it do the job it’s intended to do with minimal fuss. The title of “best commercial soap dispenser” will come... Read More

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Are alcohol free sanitisers still effective?

Most of us are acutely aware of the struggle to get a hold of hand sanitiser in an age where it’s basically become the new currency. Of course, the number one thing we should be doing before even thinking about hand sanitisers is regularly washing our hands with soap and warm water. That’s THE most effective method of hygiene, as outlined by various health organisations, such as the World Health Organisation and Public Health England. Are air fresheners safe? We answer this question in this blog post, looking at the health... Read More

How can you help kids who are scared of loud noises? 05/11/2019
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From fireworks to hand dryers – How can you help kids who are scared of loud noises?

It’s that time of year when we all search for the best firework demonstration and gather in a field to marvel at the splendid array of colours and explosions. It’s also a time that reminds us just how scared young children are of loud noises! When you look around the bonfire on a crisp November evening, you’ll see a host of children.  Some waving their sparklers around, some staring in the air amazed at the bright lights shooting across the sky. Then comes the WHOOSH and the BANG! Some of the... Read More

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Which courier is the ‘greenest’?

As we become more environmentally aware, businesses – such as ours – are starting to look inwards at some of the changes we could make to the things we do on a daily basis. One thing that most, if not all, businesses use are couriers. We rely on them to ship and deliver products to customers all over the world. And even if you aren’t a business, couriers still play a significant part in people’s lives. With the ever-increasing rise in online retail and consumption, we simply get more and... Read More

Why is water conservation in the UK important? 04/06/2019
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Why is water conservation in the UK important?

Why we need to start saving water in a nutshell. This is a shorter version of the full blog post Why is saving water important?. This current post highlights the key points in a summary for you to quickly take away the key, important messages. Why do people keep telling us we need to save as much water as possible? Water is all around us isn’t it? The problem is we do take water availability for granted. Ever wondered how to save water in your mosque? We’ve put together a guide... Read More

Public toilet anxiety – a helpful guide for sufferer, washroom designer and facility management 26/10/2018

Public toilet anxiety – a helpful guide for sufferer, washroom designer and facility management

Toilet phobia can affect anyone at any time and ranges from a minor distraction through to a significant disruption to daily life. Want to change your loo roll to something more eco-friendly? Look no further! Click through to this blog post that explains why Bamboo Bobbi outperforms all the well known brands on eco-friendliness and cost. Personal experiences I too have mildly suffered from this as a child.  I think we all have if we think about it.  But it can manifest in adulthood in varying degrees.  My particular experience was at primary school, when... Read More


IFS Welcomes Ponte Giulio’s Coloured Grab Rails to the Mobility Range

We aim to keep increasing inclusivity in commercial washrooms, therefore we have started to collaborate with the Italian manufacturer Ponte Giulio, experts in the bathroom field since 1959. Healthcare facilities in the UK look for safe and hygienic grab rails, whilst designers wish to also choose a sleek layout. Urban People® series is Ponte Giulio’s top collection that will satisfy both approaches and offer a palette of up to 15 finishes in order to provide enough contrast between the grab bars and surroundings, as Document M indicates. With a lead time of approximate 2 weeks for... Read More


Guide: How to Choose a Commercial Hair Dryer

Once we have come to the conclusion that we might need a hair dryer for our facilities, there are a lot of features that we should consider in order to guarantee that it is the most suitable model. Nevertheless, before starting to look for a commercial hair dryer, one must study the space available at the facilities and the average amount of users. With the basic information about the location and visitors, we can then explore the market to compare power performance, water resistance, energy consumption or safety measures. Likewise, we could examine if the... Read More


Infographic: How Do Sensor Taps Work?

We have created an infographic to explain in just one minute how basin sensor taps work. It is crucial for us that our customers understand the basic operation of automatic faucets: this is a new bathroom fitting IFS are marketing due to the energy saving and hygiene improvement in public and commercial washrooms.  Now that you know how sensor taps work, why not take a look at our detailed comparitive buying guide of WRAS approved sensor taps? To download this, you just need to right-click on the picture and choose Save image as... We are happy for you to share the chart,... Read More