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The Reality of Paper Towels – time for a disruptive technology?

You may have been affected by the recent negative press around hand dryers, the endless stream of scare stories is a result of a huge PR campaign by the some of the world’s largest paper manufacturers, who also happen to be among the largest company’s in the world. We are talking tens of billions in turnover for the main players. Hand dryer sales have been increasing rapidly over the last 15 years and eating into the paper towel companies profits, mainly due to improved performance and energy efficiency. The UK has... Read More

What have Boris, nasty germs and an England cricket legend got in common with a jet hand dryer?

A friend of mine recently sent me a message saying “I think I have finally lost the plot. I was listening to the World at One on Radio 4 with Mark Mardell and the subject changed from the breakdown of Boris Johnson’s marriage to you talking about the merits of hand dryers vs paper towels, did I imagine this?” Of course, I told him it was in his imagination and he needed to relax a little but the reality was the BBC had been very keen for me to speak.... Read More


Shock: Paper Towel Funded Research Says Hand Dryers Are Less Hygienic Than Paper Towels!

A few days after this research was published and accompanied by the kind of journalistic headline the sponsors hoped for, enquiries into our cold plasma hand drying technology have gone through the roof. The University of Leeds produced the research, presumably unaware that a discovery made by its own scientists some 40 years ago has been used in a new hand drying technology which is producing quite contradictory evidence. The hydroxl radical and its effect on breaking down the structure of bacteria was their discovery and now eXtremeAir CPC hand dryers have... Read More

Shhhhh! Dyson Are Keeping this Quiet!

Shhhhh! Dyson Are Keeping this Quiet!  30/09/2016 The Dyson Airblade V Hand Dryer is well-known for its superior build quality and super-fast dry times.  All made possible by the years of painstaking research and that go into a Dyson product. The scientists from Dyson have now taken this hand dryer and given it a new lease of life. The Quiet Mark, in association with the Noise Abatement Society are pioneering to make electrical products less noisy and more peaceful, to make the world a less stressful place. The Dyson Airblade... Read More


Coronavirus and UV (ultraviolet light) – What’s Safe and What’s Not

You may have seen this from the World Health Organisation: “Can an ultraviolet disinfection lamp kill the new coronavirus? UV lamps should not be used to sterilize hands or other areas of skin as UV radiation can cause skin irritation.” This may cause a little confusion, as UV is effective in killing viruses, however it needs to be used in the right way. They had to state this as it is dangerous to open up skin to UV lamps as they will irritate and burn the skin. Just like being... Read More

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Which courier is the ‘greenest’?

As we become more environmentally aware, businesses – such as ours – are starting to look inwards at some of the changes we could make to the things we do on a daily basis. One thing that most, if not all, businesses use are couriers. We rely on them to ship and deliver products to customers all over the world. And even if you aren’t a business, couriers still play a significant part in people’s lives. With the ever-increasing rise in online retail and consumption, we simply get more and... Read More

Why is water conservation in the UK important? 04/06/2019
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Why is water conservation in the UK important?

Why we need to start saving water in a nutshell. This is a shorter version of the full blog post Why is saving water important?. This current post highlights the key points in a summary for you to quickly take away the key, important messages. Why do people keep telling us we need to save as much water as possible? Water is all around us isn’t it? The problem is we do take water availability for granted. Ever wondered how to save water in your mosque? We’ve put together a guide... Read More

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Hand dryers for Canada & USA – Are they different to hand dryers in UK?

 31/08/2018 They may look the same when you visit country to country, but are there any particular things you need to be aware of when purchasing hand dryers for different locations in the world? This post highlights some things to consider. There are a number of countries and special locations that require hand dryers to have a voltage set at 110 – 120V.  In the UK and most of Europe the voltage required is 220-240V. Some hand dryers on the market have universal voltage, which means they can be switched or automatically... Read More


How to choose the best hand dryer for any location – every time!

 03/08/2018 Do you need a hand dryer but you find yourself bewildered by the array of options? We’ve developed an online tool to help you pick your way through these.  This tutorial will show you how to use the intelligent search to help you find the perfect dryer for you. Video – how to select the perfect hand dryer for you If watching on a mobile device you may need to rotate your device for optimal viewing Use this tool by clicking here Your unique requirements Firstly, you will see there are 5... Read More


A hand dryer with a drip tray that doesn’t need emptying – a facility managers dream product?

 20/07/2018 2019 Update *** This version is available on request, please see here for the standard version. *** Water drip trays in hand dryers are a great way to make sure floors stay dry when using a blade style hand dryer.  There are many hand dryers that now come equipped with a drip tray.  These were introduced as a result of the mess created when the early blade style hand dryers were launched.  With no drip tray, the excess water runs down the side of the trough and ends up pooling on the floor.  Then you... Read More