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Which hand dryers are best for universities?

‘Universities are huge, complex estates with lots of different considerations’ A university is a complex mix of different property types. For example, there will be libraries, concert halls, lecture theatres, administration areas, sports halls, changing huts situated in the middle of fields, student bars, and laboratories. Some properties will be state of the art, others, built hundreds of years ago. The toilets located near each of these diverse buildings will have to consider the level of footfall, how likely misuse of the hand dryer is (student bar!), the electrical supply,... Read More

Top 9 Quiet Hand Dryers 19/01/2021

Top 9 Quiet Hand Dryers in 2021

Intelligent hand dryers UK have put together a list of the top 9 effective, yet quiet hand dryers on the market. This isn’t just a list of the quietest hand dryers, as a quiet hand dryer that doesn’t dry your hands in a reasonable time period is pointless. The dryers must be effective to be included. Most of these dryers have been approved by the Quiet Mark, an approval from the noise abatement society. The top 9 Effective Quiet Hand Dryers on the Market The Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II hand dryer The... Read More

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A Designers Guide: Alternatives to the Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry Tap

The Dyson Airbade Wash+Dry tap was introduced in 2013, the novel concept of placing a hand dryer over the hand wash basin made a lot of sense, eliminating drips on the floor and maximising the space in the commercial washroom. For some new build or major refurbishment projects, either where cost is of little concern or the washrooms are frequented enough to warrant the extra number of devices, installing this concept makes perfect sense. However, the majority of washrooms have irregular traffic flow therefore the expense of three Dyson taps (one per... Read More

Hand Dryers Suitable for Small Children 29/11/2019

Hand Dryers Suitable for Small Children

It has been fairly well documented that small children (under the age of 5) can find loud noises disturbing. As soon as they hear this noise they quickly cover their ears, sometimes scream as loud as the noise its self and may even shed a tear or two.   The new wave of high speed, electric hand dryers that have appeared over the last 5 to 10 years have, on the whole, ignored this and instead focussed on maximum speed performance rather than user experience and making the hand dryers... Read More

Find Me An Alternative To The Dyson Airblade 18/01/2019

Find Me An Alternative To The Dyson Airblade

Why settle for anything less than the best? There are plenty of people who want a Dyson Airblade hand dryer, but they’re not willing to pay their lofty prices. Luckily we have found a number of alternatives that will give you all of the same benefits at much more affordable prices! The high quality HEPA filtration system in the AB14 hand dryer is highly desirable because it traps 99.9% microbes and bacteria before they enter airflow, which means you can use this unit with confidence, knowing your hands will be... Read More

The Top Eleven Low Energy, High Speed Hand Dryers 03/01/2019

The Top Eleven Low Energy, High Speed Hand Dryers

Here they are, the top 11 low energy, high speed hand dryers. The list is based on the lowest energy consumption per hand dryer, so takes into account the rated power and the dry time to calculate the most energy efficient hand dryer. You have to consider the dry time when looking at getting the most energy efficient hand dryer, as the rated power may be a little higher in one unit, but it’s speed of dry means energy is not wasted. The below give 11 of the most energy... Read More

How a school can save money and reduce their carbon footprint 07/12/2018
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How a school can save money and reduce their carbon footprint

In this post you will see how a school can save £1000’s switching from paper towels to energy efficient hand dryers. In the example below it will show you that a typical school can save over £5500 switching. Just think where that money could go in a school budget? There’s a calculator for you to see how much money and carbon your particular school could be saving. This post and video will also remind you of the issues paper towels bring to a school such as: Blocked drains Overflowing waste bins... Read More


Hand dryers for Canada & USA – Are they different to hand dryers in UK?

 31/08/2018 They may look the same when you visit country to country, but are there any particular things you need to be aware of when purchasing hand dryers for different locations in the world? This post highlights some things to consider. There are a number of countries and special locations that require hand dryers to have a voltage set at 110 – 120V.  In the UK and most of Europe the voltage required is 220-240V. Some hand dryers on the market have universal voltage, which means they can be switched or automatically... Read More

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Warner Howard Airforce or Turboforce? Which Hand Dryer?

The stylish Warner Howard Airforce can be seen around the UK in many locations due to the popularity of being installed by washroom service companies.  Its jets of air configuration massage the hands as they dry. Manufactured by the world-renowned World Dryer means quality is assured.  The Turboforce hand dryer is built to the same high standards, with exceptional dry times and vandal resistant properties.  These can be found in well known fast food chain restaurants, shopping centres, airports and prove popular in offices and factories as they really do... Read More


Which Is The Best Hand Dryer On The Market In 2021?

The ‘Best Hand Dryers in 2021 list’ has been compiled based on a scoring criterion for speed, energy-efficiency, quiet operation, vandal resistance, life expectancy and overall value. The list provides an overall ‘best’, however it is worth considering the particular needs and budget of your location. The individual product reviews will give you more personalised insights into the best hand dryer for you. If you go to the bottom of the page, you will also find links to the ‘best high-speed’, the ‘best quiet’ and other factors that may be... Read More