Hand Dryers and the Environment

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Review 2021 – The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim Hand Dryer

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim is now in its 9th generation and each generation has produced improvements. Originally launched in 1993 in Japan, it was bulky and loud but each generation has got faster, quieter, sleeker, less fussy, and more energy efficient. The product is available in heated and unheated airflow versions. The heated version is available in black, white, and silver, the unheated version, only in white. If you have your heart set on a blade ‘hands-in’ hand dryer then we believe this to be the best-in-class. The energy... Read More

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Review 2021 – The Mitsubishi Jet Towel SMART Hand Dryer

The Mitsubishi SMART has been in the UK for some years and has become one of our most popular dryers, particularly in big projects like Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and Newcastle University. One of our favourite dryers, they really do everything you want. Fast, low running costs, not too noisy and just so reliable. They are compact and modern. If you have the budget to buy quality, the Mitsubishi SMART won’t disappoint. From £345.00 + VAT At £330-£399 + VAT the Mitsubishi SMART falls into the upper-mid range price bracket. When... Read More

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2021 Review – Dyson Airblade 9kJ HU03 Hand Dryer

Dyson’s latest hand dryer offering is the 9Kj, as ever Dyson have come up with a design like no other seen before. The 9kj reminds us of a submarine periscope and certainly is very interesting to look at. Dyson position it as their most energy efficient unit ever. At this price, the 9kJ needs to be the ultimate dryer but we see too many downsides. Despite being the most energy efficient Dyson, there are more efficient hand dryers for much less money. There is no great innovation here as there... Read More

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2021 Review – Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer

As the name would imply, the EcoSlim is a slim-line hand dryer specially designed for limited space and disabled washrooms. It is an older cover design with recent upgrades to the internals, including the addition of a HEPA filter. The EcoSlim is produced in Europe. The EcoSlim is available in 4 finishes, white, brushed satin, black and polished steel. We can also customise into any colour if required. There is a lot to like about the EcoSlim, it has the flexibility to reduce the noise and still be a reasonably... Read More

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2021 Review – Dryflow® D-Flow Eco HEPA Hand Dryer

The D-flow hand dryer is available in black, silver, and white. It is available in several versions with added specifications and features as the price increases, this includes an upgraded brushless motor version, an ioniser version and a plumb-in version to drain the excess water directly out of the unit. The D-Flow is produced in Europe and was launched in 2012 in response to the popularity of the Dyson ab14. The review scores focus on the basic brushed motor version with HEPA filter. As a ‘hands in’ blade hand dryer,... Read More

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2021 Review – Mediclinics Machflow Brushless Hand Dryer M19A

The Machflow PLUS Brushless was released into the UK market on the 5th September 2021. It builds upon the previous Machflow model by introducing a range of upgrades including a long life digital brushless motor, a plug-in easy installation system and added hygiene features such as HEPA filter and ioniser. It is also soon to be the first, hand dryer using patented industrial grade bio-plastics to lower the environmental impact created during production and incorporate re-use of quality controlled components. A fantastic product with little that can be improved on.... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dryflow® Vapordri HEPA Hand Dryer

The Vapordri is available as standard in a graphite finish with a blue LED light strip down the side of the unit, it can be requested for projects in white, black, silver or stainless-steel. The unit is covered by a 5-year warranty and the manufacturer claims low sound levels, 10 second dry times and 1.5 million cycle life-span. The Vapordri has been on the market for 3 years, designed and made in Europe, it certainly is very pleasing on the eye with its compact, sleek design but how does it... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dryflow® Turboforce® Junior PLUS Hand Dryer

The Turboforce Junior PLUS is a popular, budget-priced, high speed hand dryer. It is available in white (TFJ01), Brushed stainless (TFJ03) and Polished Chrome (TFJ02). It’s notable for its energy saving, intelligent heat system that senses the external temperature and only adds the heat required to make hand drying comfortable without heating the air needlessly. A cracking dryer for the money! If you are on a budget and look after a facility where the dryer is unlikely to be used more than 100 times a day then this dryer will... Read More


Study suggests that SOME hand dryers may cause damage – A reality check, don’t panic!

The alternate view It is interesting that the press coverage has generalised that hand dryers per se cause hearing damage for children, when the study actually shows that SOME hand dryers may be too loud if there was exposure over prolonged periods of time. SOME not ALL and largely only if exposure was far longer than it would ever be. The timing of the reports release to the media just before the school summer holidays despite being conducted between 2015-17 seems more than coincidental.  Schools tend to replace their paper towels with... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dryflow® Elite Mark II Hand Dryer

The Dryflow Elite Mark II is another British-designed hand dryer developed to last the life of a commercial building. Available in White, Polished Chrome, or Brushed Satin Stainless Steel. It is positioned as an attractive, quiet, slim-line, and long-life hand dryer. We really like this dryer especially for locations designed for children or people with sensory needs. In fact, anywhere that requires a quiet yet effective dryer. It is worth noting, it is only 10cm deep so ideal for washrooms with limited space and particularly for baby change and disabled... Read More