Are Some Hand Dryers Too Loud To Be Safe?

The alternate view It is interesting that the press coverage has generalised that hand dryers per se cause hearing damage for children, when the study actually shows that SOME hand dryers may be too loud if there was exposure over prolonged periods of time. SOME not ALL and largely only if exposure was far longer than it would ever be. The timing of the reports release to the media just before the school summer holidays despite being conducted between 2015-17 seems more than coincidental.  Schools tend to replace their paper towels with... Read More

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Warner Howard Airforce or Turboforce? Which Hand Dryer?

The stylish Warner Howard Airforce can be seen around the UK in many locations due to the popularity of being installed by washroom service companies.  Its jets of air configuration massage the hands as they dry. Manufactured by the world-renowned World Dryer means quality is assured.  The Turboforce hand dryer is built to the same high standards, with exceptional dry times and vandal resistant properties.  These can be found in well known fast food chain restaurants, shopping centres, airports and prove popular in offices and factories as they really do... Read More

Are Hand Dryers Hygienic? 09/03/2018
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Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Updated Dec 2021 The question of ‘how hygienic hand dryers are?’ has been put under the spotlight since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Japanese and German governments instructed a vigorous review of the data to be on the side of caution, both have subsequently declared hand dryers completely safe for use. Skepticism over the use of hand dryers has largely been due to lobbying and ‘sponsored science’ by the paper towel industry. We explore what the independent experts have said, including Scientists, Academic Institutions, Health bodies and also apply... Read More

Did you see the hand dryer petri dish? Our response to the future of lazy journalism

 16/02/2018 “Evaluation of bacterial contaminants found on unused paper towels and possible postcontamination after handwashing: A pilot study” Maybe this headline should be out there too?  This is the title of an actual scientific pilot study that concludes that toxic bacteria are located in unused paper towels.  More about this can be read about later in the article.  But why is this information not publicised in the press, social media or blog posts?  Because it doesn’t cause as much sensualisation for likes and shares.  It’s not “sexy” enough to cause a stir.  We start this article looking... Read More

Hand Dryer Instructions / Manuals – Hand Dryer Height Included

Need a Hand Dryer manual? You have come to the right place. Here at Intelligent Hand Dyers UK we like to make things as easy as possible for you the end user, the architect, the wholesaler and the contractor.  That’s why we have put together a list of hand dryer manuals for you to have at the click of a button. No more time consuming searches on the web.  We have made our website the best resource for hand dryer information such as accurate dry times, energy consumption, costs per dry and... Read More


Comparative Hand Dryer Noise Levels Provided by Dr J.Drever

 28/03/2014 Dr Drever’s recent study into hand dryer sound and in particular how this sound is amplified in situ caused a bit of stir in the mainstream media. His soundscapes study was taken out of context and turned into a totally sensational and untrue piece of journalism about how hand dryers damage your hearing. This is not what Dr Drever’s paper was alluding to and anyone who cares to talk to him on this subject will find out that his issue is related to noise irritation not hearing damage. Hand... Read More

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Which are the best alternative hand dryers to the Dyson Airblade?

Many people love the Dyson Airblade but don’t want to pay the price. Intelligent Hand Dryers UK put two of the other leading blade hand dryers under the same identical test conditions as the Dyson Airblade to see how they compared in terms of noise levels in a real life situation (as opposed to manufacturer’s dbA levels in a pressure chamber), energy efficiency (how much energy was required to produce a ‘hygienic’ 95% moisture reduction) and dry speed. The tests on each of these dryers can be seen on our youtube... Read More


Independently Tested Hand Dryer Energy Consumption

The most important aspect of energy efficiency with any hand dryer is not just the rated power, but also the effective dry speed time. We performed a number of tests on best selling hand dryers in laboratory conditions. The Dry Speed comparison tests are meant as a guide to compare one hand dryer’s performance against another, they are more stringent than a normal hand washing/rinsing scenario. The dry test was conducted at Intertek in a independent lab and involved imersing one identical pair of hands for 5 seconds in a... Read More


What should I pay for hand dryers to be installed?

Intelligent hand dryers UK have conducted nationwide research into the amount charged for a straightforward hand dryer installation into a fused spur. Prices varied from £30 to £165 for the same job, with huge regional differences in charging as you would expect. On average costs inside the M25 were twice the price of anywhere else in the UK with the average price in london totalling £110 per hand dryer! Intelligent hand dryers UK provide a nationwide service on installing hand dryers and the average cost is £75 for the first hand dryer... Read More