Hand Dryer Innovation

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2021 Review – Dyson Airblade 9kJ HU03 Hand Dryer

Dyson’s latest hand dryer offering is the 9Kj, as ever Dyson have come up with a design like no other seen before. The 9kj reminds us of a submarine periscope and certainly is very interesting to look at. Dyson position it as their most energy efficient unit ever. At this price, the 9kJ needs to be the ultimate dryer but we see too many downsides. Despite being the most energy efficient Dyson, there are more efficient hand dryers for much less money. There is no great innovation here as there... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dryflow® Turboforce® Hand Dryer

The Turboforce is one of the UK’s most popular hand dryers, it can be found up and down the country from the Tower of London, KFC, Harry Ramsdens, Natwest, Santander, Nissan, Lords Cricket Ground to the English Institute of Sport. The Turboforce is available in brushed satin, polished chrome, and white. For pure performance, the Turboforce is still one of the best dryers around, great for high footfall, short burst locations like stadiums, gig venues, and vandal prone areas. A good all-round dryer, except in areas where low noise is... Read More

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The Efficient Future of Washroom Maintenance – Utilising Technology

Staff time is at a premium and an empty paper dispenser or a full bathroom bin annoy customers. This digital era can provide useful solutions to make replenishment and cleaning more efficient while preventing making a bad impression. There are two main options on the market to improve restroom upkeep: placing systems in the washroom accessories that monitor the level of the consumables or relying on visitors to notify about the state of the facilities. Monitored washroom fittings Though still in its development phase, Fraunhofer IIS created “CWS Washroom Information... Read More


4 ways to dry your hands – our guide to doing it properly

A quick google search and you can find it quoted that damp hands are 1,000 times more likely to pick up bacteria than dry hands!  This includes the work of Patrick et al. (1997) who state that drying the hands using a towel or hand dryer: “reduced the bacterial numbers translocating to skin, food and utilities on touch contact….. and achieved a 99.8, 94 and 99% reduction in the level of bacterial transferring from one surface to another associated with wet hands.” Has COVID-19 meant that non-touch appliances in the washroom are the future now? We looked into... Read More


Hand dryer spares, repairs and cashback for your old hand dryers!

Doing our bit for the environment Intelligent Hand Dryers UK feel it’s important to maximise the life span of all electrical equipment rather than accept a ‘throw away’ culture. We offer a number of hand dryer spares to help you keep your unit working for as long as possible, minimising waste from throwing it away when it could be fixed. At the present time there are still many places which use old warm air hand dryers, roller towels and paper towels; all of which have a greater environmental impact than the new breed... Read More

Can you install a hand dryer over the sink? 22/01/2020
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Can you install a hand dryer over the sink?

As well as installing a hand dryer over the sink, why not also take a look at sensor taps and how they work? Over the sink hand dryers.  Do they exist and what should you be aware of? Knowing where to install a hand dryer can be a task in itself.  It can be dependant on a number of factors including: What’s the floor layout? Where does the washroom traffic flow? You will have been in a washroom where you are using the hand dryer and others are having to push past... Read More

How can you help kids who are scared of loud noises? 05/11/2019
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From fireworks to hand dryers – How can you help kids who are scared of loud noises?

It’s that time of year when we all search for the best firework demonstration and gather in a field to marvel at the splendid array of colours and explosions. It’s also a time that reminds us just how scared young children are of loud noises! When you look around the bonfire on a crisp November evening, you’ll see a host of children.  Some waving their sparklers around, some staring in the air amazed at the bright lights shooting across the sky. Then comes the WHOOSH and the BANG! Some of the... Read More

Why is the Dyson Airblade Tap now the Dyson Wash+Dry hand dryer?

 09/07/2019 The Dyson Airblade Tap has always been a great product.  The concept of hand washing and drying in the same place has become a highly sort after requirement.  For the eagle eyed out there you may have noticed there are 2 things that have happened to the product name and code, in recent times. They’re now known as the Wash+Dry short hand dryer WD04, the Wash+Dry tall hand dryer WD05 and the Wash+Dry wall hand dryer WD06.  If you look around the web, at first glance it looks like this is the only thing that has changed, with... Read More

Find Me An Alternative To The Dyson Airblade 18/01/2019
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Find Me An Alternative To The Dyson Airblade

A lot of people say “I want a Dyson Airblade but it’s too expensive, can you find me something similar?” Of course decision makers want something as good as the Dyson model, one of the fastest drying products on the market. It’s had significant amounts of money spent of the research and development to make sure that like any other Dyson product its build quality and performance are up there with the best in the business. The advanced hygienic properties of the high quality HEPA filtration system in the AB14 is... Read More

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Hand dryers for Canada & USA – Are they different to hand dryers in UK?

 31/08/2018 They may look the same when you visit country to country, but are there any particular things you need to be aware of when purchasing hand dryers for different locations in the world? This post highlights some things to consider. There are a number of countries and special locations that require hand dryers to have a voltage set at 110 – 120V.  In the UK and most of Europe the voltage required is 220-240V. Some hand dryers on the market have universal voltage, which means they can be switched or automatically... Read More