A hand dryer with a drip tray that doesn’t need emptying – a facility managers dream product?

 20/07/2018 2019 Update *** This version is available on request, please see here for the standard version. *** Water drip trays in hand dryers are a great way to make sure floors stay dry when using a blade style hand dryer.  There are many hand dryers that now come equipped with a drip tray.  These were introduced as a result of the mess created when the early blade style hand dryers were launched.  With no drip tray, the excess water runs down the side of the trough and ends up pooling on the floor.  Then you... Read More

3 reasons why hand dryers are becoming the No 1 choice for hand drying

 23/01/2017 A new report, publicised here, has shown that the hand dryer market is set to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.29% between 2017 and 2021.  Compared to the 3.61% growth anticipated for paper towel dispenses in the same period, it shows that for hand drying methods, the hand dryer is fast becoming the number 1 choice.  This post will discuss 3 reasons why this may be apparent. 1. Costs When buying a hand dryer, it may seem like a big outlay at the start, however once the purchase... Read More