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The Cost-Effectiveness of Hand Dryers: A Financial Analysis

In today’s world, cost is an important consideration for businesses and public facilities. While hand dryers might seem like a more expensive option than paper towels, it’s important to consider the long-term financial benefits. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the cost-effectiveness of hand dryers, and help you make an informed decision. At first glance, hand dryers might seem like a more expensive option. They require an initial investment, and some models can be more expensive than others. However, over the long term, the best hand dryers... Read More


Water saving calculators – how much water does your household use?

 Updated 7/10/22 The cost-of-living crisis being felt across Britain and globally. While the focus is rightly on gas and electric prices, the average UK household is also experiencing price increases in the cost of water. The average UK household now pays £419 per annum in water charges. Not only is water expensive, but it also has an environmental impact, and we have a collective responsibility to reduce consumption. Although the UK is unlikely to ever have a water shortage, global redistribution of water may become necessary in the future due... Read More


Do you realise how much water you waste when washing your hands?

Have you ever considered how much water you waste when simply washing your hands? We conducted an experiment with some interesting results.  This post highlights why we should all be thinking about our hand washing habits. It also gives recommendations of things businesses and property owners should be including in their washrooms to minimise waste and costs. Never has it been more important to save unnecessary waste. After reading this blog post, we strongly recommend also reading this article on why saving water is just so important for the planet. It’s packed... Read More

How to conserve water - the ultimate beginners guide 25/06/2019

How to conserve water – the ultimate beginners guide

Saving water is crucial. We’re at critical levels of why we need water conservation to be a part of our daily lives. The water companies and those organisations recommended by the government have a duty to promote ways consumers can conserve water easily.  They’re the authorities making sure targets are being met before 2050. If they don’t meet their targets they’ll be penalised and it may even be too late to turn things around.  So, their expert advice is the best out there to trust to make the most savings, as they have a mission to... Read More

Why is water conservation in the UK important? 04/06/2019

Why is water conservation in the UK important?

Why we need to start saving water in a nutshell. This is a shorter version of the full blog post Why is saving water important?. This current post highlights the key points in a summary for you to quickly take away the key, important messages. Why do people keep telling us we need to save as much water as possible? Water is all around us isn’t it? The problem is we do take water availability for granted. Ever wondered how to save water in your mosque? We’ve put together a guide... Read More

Why is saving important? 01/06/2019

Why is saving water important?

Water is all around us isn’t it? Rivers, lakes, the sea you swam in on holiday or live near to. There seems to be an endless supply. So why do people keep telling us we need to save as much as possible? After reading this, do make sure to check out the free water saving devices available in the UK, that will really help in the conservation of water. We’ve pulled all the resources together in one place, so you don’t have to spend time trawling through the internet! You’re certainly not... Read More