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Our Journey to Carbon Neutrality (and why litter picking forms part of this).

When Intelligent Facility Solutions’ founder, Andrew Cameron, founded the business back in 2012, he liked the fact that the products it specialised in, namely hand dryers, saved people lots of money, eliminated paper towel waste, and stopped trees from being chopped down. We wanted to live and breathe our environmental ethos… While we were delivering environmental benefits to our customers, we also believed it was important to put our money where our mouths were, so to speak. So we made incremental changes within our business, like agreeing with the team... Read More


Recycling Centres in Sheffield – Search Tool

Find locations in Sheffield that will recycle everything from standard plastic bottles to mascara wands using the search tool below We are excited to finally share with the world our new recycling search tool. This is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months with the aim to make recycling in Sheffield that much easier for everyone. And this was especially a priority with the comments and questions received on our Sheffield plastics recycling guide This new recycling search database not only includes your... Read More

Five eco friendly tips and hacks

Five eco friendly tips and hacks At Intelligent Facility Solutions, we are focused on eliminating as much waste as possible and doing our bit as a business to help combat climate change. So, we have put together five easy eco-friendly hacks that could help towards both saving the environment, and saving you a bit of money. Some of these tips you may have heard before, and some may steer on the side of controversy, but they’re all eco, green, and environmentally conscious. Go paperless In an increasingly digital and online society, this... Read More


5 Reasons To Buy From The Energy Technology List (ETL)

Buying new energy efficient equipment? Helping deliver resource, energy and financial savings – improving cash flow as well! Manufacturers or suppliers with products that qualify for the Energy Technology List (ETL) are able to demonstrate that they provide energy efficient equipment. Intelligent Hand Dryers (Intelligent Facility Solutions) are proud to have a product listing on The Energy Technology List, a government list of energy saving products used by businesses. With nearly 17,000 listed products the ETL is one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy saving products. Businesses... Read More

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The environmental impact of bamboo toilet roll – Bamboo Bobbi

 23/11/2020 Bamboo Bobbi was created by Intelligent Facility Solutions. The core mission is to allow as many businesses and households the chance to choose ethical products, by making them as affordable as possible, whilst still maintaining the high quality and good value. We’ve kept our products really simple. No unnecessary fancy wrapping or packaging like your other brands. This only adds weight, and uses additional resources like water, bleach and inks. Plus, it just increases costs for customers! The independent report produced by Steve Shelley aimed to find out whether bamboo toilet... Read More

eco-friendly during COVID-19 27/08/2020

How to be eco-friendly during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown a lot of things up in the air, but one positive that seems to have come out of it is its subsequent effect on the environment. Specifically, on global CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. Lockdowns, closed workplaces, and the lack of travel have caused global emissions to fall by 4.6%. This is one of the biggest declines in global emissions since the second World War. There was also a decrease of 3.8% in fine particle pollution, and 2.9% in sulphur dioxide (can lead to respiratory issues) and... Read More

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Are bamboo toilet paper and hand towels the more environmentally friendly options?

There is still a misperception amongst many that the toilet rolls and paper towels we use at home and in public restrooms are environmentally friendly. They come from sustainable forests and are biodegradable right? Well, not really. The reality across the world is that we are consuming faster than we produce and the process of turning a tree from ‘a sustainable forest’ into a toilet roll or hand towel is far from sustainable. Do you know about Bamboo Bobbi, our new bamboo toilet paper? Be sure to read about it, and the... Read More


Deforestation facts for kids

LET’S START WITH: WHAT ACTUALLY IS DEFORESTATION? Deforestation is the cutting down of forests or groups of trees which is then turned into non-forest use. These are usually converted to farms, ranches, or used for urban use. But it is happening more and more, and having a bad impact on our environmemt and climate change. WE’VE PUT TOGETHER 10 KEY FACTS ABOUT DEFORESTATION: FORESTS COVER 30% OF THE EARTH’S LAND. AGRICULTURE IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEFORESTATION. PALM OIL IS A VERY VERSATILE INGREDIENT AND CAN BE FOUND IN NEARLY EVERYTHING!... Read More

Plastic pollution facts for kids

Plastic is everywhere. Most of our food and drink are wrapped up in it, it’s in the clothes we wear, and in the devices we use. And it’s now also in the deepest part of the oceans and in the most remote parts of the world. Plastic has become a really big problem. If this article and infographic have been useful to you, your kids, or your school, then be sure to also check out our similar blog post on deforestation facts for kids! We’ve put together 10 key facts... Read More


Recycling plastics in Sheffield – what can we actually recycle?

One of the most common questions asked regarding plastics is what can we actually put in our recycle bins? We as a nation seem to be unclear on what plastics are recyclable and which are not. But who can blame us? When it comes to recycling plastics, the information available is limited at best, and the information we are provided with is unclear, confusing, and entirely dependent on where you live. Live in Sheffield and don’t know what or where to recycle your rubbish? We’ve got you covered with this... Read More