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Recycling Centres in Sheffield – Search Tool

Find locations in Sheffield that will recycle everything from standard plastic bottles to mascara wands using the search tool below We are excited to finally share with the world our new recycling search tool. This is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months with the aim to make recycling in Sheffield that much easier for everyone. And this was especially a priority with the comments and questions received on our Sheffield plastics recycling guide This new recycling search database not only includes your... Read More


Alcohol Hand Gel – 7 Things You Need to Know

Hand sanitiser gel and liquids are common place now in all venues, from commercial buildings and schools, to private homes. But do you know the basics to make sure every time you apply it, it’s fully safe and effective? Do you know what’s even better than applying it for clean, protected hands? This post and infographic give you what you need to know. The above infographic is free to use as long as the original source is referenced via a link to this post. Does it matter what % Alcohol is... Read More


Is fogging or UV Plasma air sterilisation the best option for my workplace?

Responsible and also savvy employers will be aware that protecting their staff from infection will be positive for morale and their bottom line, even in normal times workplace absenteeism is very costly. So, investing in additional hygiene measures will doubtless save businesses much more than it costs. But what are the options that do the best job, are safe and cost effective? Find out more below. The above infographic is free to use as long as the original source is referenced via a link to this post. We are now in... Read More

Energy efficiency in our workplace

As this week is Big Energy Saving Week, we decided to carry out a brief audit on the energy use in our office, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint as a business. An effort we are going full steam ahead with this year, with a number of initiatives and products in the works… (more to come on this!) Most of the information available online in relation to energy efficiency covers the home, but there isn’t too much out there on the workplace. So, we’ve collated our own energy... Read More

Five eco friendly tips and hacks

Five eco friendly tips and hacks At Intelligent Facility Solutions, we are focused on eliminating as much waste as possible and doing our bit as a business to help combat climate change. So, we have put together five easy eco-friendly hacks that could help towards both saving the environment, and saving you a bit of money. Some of these tips you may have heard before, and some may steer on the side of controversy, but they’re all eco, green, and environmentally conscious. Go paperless In an increasingly digital and online society, this... Read More

The digital impact on the environment

We should feel natural about adjusting our lives to ourselves and vice versa. There must be no embarrassment in this adaptation. Nobody questions that households have to be prepared for children or disabled people. However, it is still hard for us sometimes to acknowledge that we should also take care of ourselves and other adults although one feels healthy. Plus, getting older is a fact for everyone and, unfortunately, getting sick will be too for the majority. The lack of bath grips or a walking cane does not make us younger or stronger; in some cases, it... Read More

Taking environmentally concious hotel bathroom design to the next level

The small touches make the experience memorable….. If you are looking to design a bathroom for a hotel and want to include some interesting innovation, the Dri-flow Dri-tap is that novel technology which will create a unique and memorable user experience. The Dri-flow Dri-tap is an elegant brushed chromium nickel fixture that sits over the basin, alongside the water taps. The user effortlessly switches from washing hands to drying, causing no splashes on the bathroom floor. The innovation is ideal for eco hotels trying to reduce their footprint, as it... Read More


How to improve the indoor air quality in your school

How to improve the indoor air quality in your school  03/11/2020 Schools in the UK house more than 10 million children and young adults, who spend around a third of their lives at school. – 70% of this school time is spent indoors. So, it’s therefore really important that schools provide their students with the best possible indoor environment for learning. Article in Summary – Indoor air quality is a real issue for schools, and the effects of poor air quality can have serious short and long-term effects on both... Read More


Are air fresheners bad for the environment?

We are a nation that love to have our homes, cars, or workplaces smelling nice and pleasant. And who could blame us! Walking into a nice smelling home is great. But what do we really know about those products we buy to make it smell nice? Most of us will have bought an air freshener at some point in our lives. Yet, something that isn’t really talked about too much is the effects that these products have on our environment. What makes air fresheners so bad for the environment? Contributes to indoor... Read More


The science behind our bamboo toilet roll – Bamboo Bobbi

 23/11/2020 Bamboo Bobbi was created by Intelligent Facility Solutions. The core mission is to allow as many businesses and households the chance to choose ethical products, by making them as affordable as possible, whilst still maintaining the high quality and good value. We’ve kept our products really simple. No unnecessary fancy wrapping or packaging like your other brands. This only adds weight, and uses additional resources like water, bleach and inks. Plus, it just increases costs for customers! The independent report produced by Steve Shelley aimed to find out whether bamboo toilet... Read More