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Which is the Best Commercial Soap Dispenser 11/11/2022

Which is the Best Commercial Soap Dispenser in 2023?

Soap dispensers, especially with the ability to use alcohol gel, are a very popular addition to a facility. Not only the washroom, but also for temporary hand wash / hand sanitiser stations in places like building entrances, meeting rooms, office spaces and corridors to increase hand hygiene and combat the spread of COVID-19. When you’re looking for a soap dispenser, you not only want it to look good, but you also want it to do the job it’s intended to do with minimal fuss. The title of “best commercial soap... Read More


Which Soap Dispenser to Choose? Understanding the Costs

Facilities managers in commercial and public buildings are faced with an array of hand soap and dispenser options, but how do they determine which is the most cost effective? Is liquid soap the cheapest or do you just use more, or is a spray or foam soap is actually more economical? Does the type of soap dispenser have the biggest impact on cost? To answer this question: Firstly, we look at the capacity of the refill pouch or container within a bulk refillable dispenser? E.g. 800ml Then we find out... Read More