Bamboo Toilet Paper

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The environmental impact of bamboo toilet roll – Bamboo Bobbi

 23/11/2020 Bamboo Bobbi was created by Intelligent Facility Solutions. The core mission is to allow as many businesses and households the chance to choose ethical products, by making them as affordable as possible, whilst still maintaining the high quality and good value. We’ve kept our products really simple. No unnecessary fancy wrapping or packaging like your other brands. This only adds weight, and uses additional resources like water, bleach and inks. Plus, it just increases costs for customers! The independent report produced by Steve Shelley aimed to find out whether bamboo toilet... Read More

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Are bamboo toilet paper and hand towels the more environmentally friendly options?

There is still a misperception amongst many that the toilet rolls and paper towels we use at home and in public restrooms are environmentally friendly. They come from sustainable forests and are biodegradable right? Well, not really. The reality across the world is that we are consuming faster than we produce and the process of turning a tree from ‘a sustainable forest’ into a toilet roll or hand towel is far from sustainable. Do you know about Bamboo Bobbi, our new bamboo toilet paper? Be sure to read about it, and the... Read More


Is bamboo always eco-friendly?

 09/03/2020 We’ve talked about bamboo toilet paper and its environmental friendliness in previous blog posts, but as someone rightly pointed out to us, is bamboo really good for everything? An industry that has been called into question when it comes to bamboo is fashion and clothing. Bamboo clothing has increased in popularity recently, and I myself own a couple of pieces of clothing made from bamboo. We associate bamboo with being eco-friendly, green, and ethical. But even though bamboo is great for making loo roll or toothbrushes, it isn’t always the case... Read More


Toilet roll – bamboo or recycled paper?

We’ve established that regular loo roll is not great for the environment and can cause a lot of damage to the planet – from contributing to deforestation to adding to our ever-increasing waste problem. But when it comes to the alternatives – recycled and bamboo toilet paper – how do we know which is better for the environment? So, we’ve put together a comparison of recycled toilet roll and bamboo toilet roll. Want to know more about Bamboo Bobbi and the science behind it all? We’ve summarised the key facts... Read More