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Download free covid safe signage for your facilities

 03/02/2021 Covid-safe signage is an extremely important reminder for people to maintain distance, wear masks, use hand sanitiser and consider others. Download yours for free below. We are doing our bit where possible to support businesses with free resources to help keep costs down. In Sheffield we have been providing free alcohol gel dispensing systems to local charities, schools and businesses. We know many organisations are struggling to keep afloat amid the never ending lockdowns. It’s very important that buildings are as safe as possible but its cost that most of us can... Read More


4 ways to dry your hands – our guide to doing it properly

A quick google search and you can find it quoted that damp hands are 1,000 times more likely to pick up bacteria than dry hands!  This includes the work of Patrick et al. (1997) who state that drying the hands using a towel or hand dryer: “reduced the bacterial numbers translocating to skin, food and utilities on touch contact….. and achieved a 99.8, 94 and 99% reduction in the level of bacterial transferring from one surface to another associated with wet hands.” Has COVID-19 meant that non-touch appliances in the washroom are the future now? We looked into... Read More


The science behind our bamboo toilet roll – Bamboo Bobbi

 23/11/2020 Bamboo Bobbi was created by Intelligent Facility Solutions. The core mission is to allow as many businesses and households the chance to choose ethical products, by making them as affordable as possible, whilst still maintaining the high quality and good value. We’ve kept our products really simple. No unnecessary fancy wrapping or packaging like your other brands. This only adds weight, and uses additional resources like water, bleach and inks. Plus, it just increases costs for customers! The independent report produced by Steve Shelley aimed to find out whether bamboo toilet... Read More


Is bamboo always eco-friendly?

 09/03/2020 We’ve talked about bamboo toilet paper and its environmental friendliness in previous blog posts, but as someone rightly pointed out to us, is bamboo really good for everything? An industry that has been called into question when it comes to bamboo is fashion and clothing. Bamboo clothing has increased in popularity recently, and I myself own a couple of pieces of clothing made from bamboo. We associate bamboo with being eco-friendly, green, and ethical. But even though bamboo is great for making loo roll or toothbrushes, it isn’t always the case... Read More

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Plastic pollution facts for kids

Plastic is everywhere. Most of our food and drink are wrapped up in it, its in the clothes we wear, and in the devices we use. And it’s now also in the deepest part of the oceans and in the most remote parts of the world. Plastic has become a really big problem.  If this article and infographic have been useful to you, your kids, or your school, then be sure to also check out our similiar blog post on deforestation facts for kids! We’ve put together 10 key facts that you... Read More

Electric vs Fuel 24/09/2019

Is an electric car worth it?

We’ve all seen and heard about electric cars and how they are great eco-friendly and green alternatives to driving a petrol or diesel car. But we also seem to be wondering when is the best time to invest in one? Should we buy one now or wait until they become more mainstream and cheaper? With the government’s target of 2040 to phase out the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars, and for the majority of cars to be zero emissions by 2050 – questions surrounding electric cars are... Read More


Alan Partridge shows us how to avoid germs in a public bathroom

 07/03/2019 Alan Partridge, the legendary talk show host and North Norfolk radio star has made his reappearance on the BBC after a 24-year absence. The last time he appeared on live TV he accidently shot one of his guests, so it was an eagerly awaiting return for the ever-popular Alan. ‘This time’, a half hour topical show is akin to The One Show with its casual guest interviews and segmented current affairs features. The format suited Alan perfectly and saw him at his excruciating best. Inuendo a plenty, awkward silences... Read More


5 Choices to Design a Minimalist Commercial Washroom

 07/11/2018 Public buildings are characterised by the comings and goings of crowds of users. Using minimalism in interior design can balance the clutter and soothe the spirit during the visit. This art movement consists of preferring simplicity. Since elements should only be the essential, furniture will be scarce, multipurpose and basic in shape, lines and surface. 1) Condense objects First of all, an analysis of the space, its goals and number of daily uses would lead to the overall capacity required. Can we select two waste bins instead of six? Are there... Read More

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Hand dryers for Canada & USA – Are they different to hand dryers in UK?

 31/08/2018 They may look the same when you visit country to country, but are there any particular things you need to be aware of when purchasing hand dryers for different locations in the world? This post highlights some things to consider. There are a number of countries and special locations that require hand dryers to have a voltage set at 110 – 120V.  In the UK and most of Europe the voltage required is 220-240V. Some hand dryers on the market have universal voltage, which means they can be switched or automatically... Read More


What on earth is urinal cake and how safe is it?

Don’t worry this has nothing to do with hipsters taking over former toilets and turning them into patisseries as well as trendy bars. Urinal cake or channel blocks are those brightly coloured blocks that sit in the urinals, typically made up of a chemical named paradichlorobenzene, these are there to overpower and soak up the smells created by the urine that isn’t being flushed down the drain. Have you considered buying bamboo toilet roll? But don’t know which products are best? We’ve done the market research for you on which bamboo toilet roll is... Read More